Panorama’s Got Talent!

By Melissa Thoemke, Panorama Fitness Coordinator

The date was October 5th, 2010, five Panorama residents and I sat in the Auditorium green room discussing the Panorama’s Got Talent Show. My ideas for the show included a large song and dance routine with all of the talent show acts at the beginning and end of the show, stage hands in sequined outfits showing off their spirit fingers on stage and a short documentary style film to be shown before the show started. As with most of the programming that goes on at Panorama the residents and the staff work together. The participants of the talent show did not want to sing an opening or closing number and they certainly did not need a fitness coordinator/ producer forcing them to wear sequins. What they wanted was an opportunity to show off their many talents.

When I finally sat back and let the Panorama residents decide what kind of talent show they wanted to present, I learned that Panorama residents know exactly how to entertain. We had residents playing musical instruments, residents showing off their wonderful singing voices, and resident’s hula and belly dancing. We even had a couple singing songs and reminiscing about the twenties and thirties and ended their set with a delightful version of the song “Side By Side”. To top off the show, our MC delighted the audience with his hilarious introduction of each act and three of the stage hands made my night when they performed a short dance routine complete with jazz hands and spirit fingers.

It was an amazing journey to watch the Panorama’s Got Talent Show start with a conversation in the Green room and unfold into a wonderful program that delighted audience members and performers alike. The 2nd annual Panorama’s Got Talent Show was held on Friday, November 5th in the Panorama Auditorium. 212 Panorama residents and guests attended and enjoyed the show. We are already thinking of ideas and looking forward to next year.