Patio Sale

This past Saturday brought crowds of shoppers to the Chalet Courtyard for the 34th annual Patio Sale. The Patio Sale is an expansive bargain sale composed of previously enjoyed items collected by Panorama’s Benevolent Fund. Items are donated by residents to the Benevolent Fund all year round, so there is always a wide array of treasures for everyone. Shoppers from all over the South Puget Sound area lined up early, eager to get the best deals. The “doors” opened at 9:00 am and the race to search and save began. Patrons gathered arm fulls and then visited one of the 9 cashier stations, only to unload and go back for more. It was an exciting hustle and bustle of activity for residents, volunteers, and the public. The Patio Sale is held every year on the 3rd Saturday of July.