September Food 2 B Fit

On Monday, our Fitness Coordinator, Melissa and Restaurant Catering Manager, Meggin discussed the benefits of eating kale. Kale is a leafy vegetable that grows best in cold weather, so it’s ideal for the fall and winter.

Residents learned that kale is packed with Vitamins K, C, and A and the high fiber content  helps reduce cholesterol! Kale is at its finest state when cooked because the act of cooking actually releases more of the beneficial vitamins.

 Meggin and Melissa prepared a delicious white bean soup with kale and turkey sausage for residents in attendance to enjoy.

It’s a Wonderful Life

By: Marcene, Panorama Resident

Here at last!  Finally moved into my new home at Panorama.  All those boxes!  Why do we need all this stuff?  And I got rid of a lot and consider myself pretty much of a minimalist.  So much for that opinion.  Took off a few days from work to unpack so was to and from the house, putting flattened boxes curbside for recycling.  Every so often a resident or two out for a walk (and a dog or two along with them) strolled by and waved.  All welcomed me to Panorama and commiserated about the stuff.  What a great feeling.  I am living in that proverbial ‘village’ we all talk about.  You know what it felt like?  Like I was in Bedford Falls – you know, from ‘It’s a Wonderful Life’?  I picture George Bailey running down the street in the snow and every one is waving and yelling, “Merry Christmas, George!”  A feeling of belonging and ‘neighborhood’.