An Apple a Day Keeps the Doctor Away

 The October Food 2 B Fit featured apples. While preparing a delicious Apple Chicken Salad, residents learned that an apple a day really can keep the doctor away.

Did you know…

…that eating an apple before you work out can increase your endurance? This is attributed to the content of an antioxidant called quercetin which makes oxygen more available to the lungs. 

…a medium apple contains about 4 grams of fiber?

…that frequent apple eaters reduce their risk of having a stroke?

After learning about the benefits of apples and feasting on a delicious, healthy lunch, residents were sent home with a new recipe to add to their list of scrumptious, yet guilt free, meals.

Talkin’ Trash

Panorama was recently featured in the “Business Spotlight” section of the  Thurston County Public Works’ newsletter, Talkin’ Trash. The article shared some examples of the work Panorama residents do to preserve the environment including: managing Panorama’s own recycle center, assisting and educating other residents in the rules of recycling and composting, as well as suggesting areas of improvement to Panorama management.  Panorama residents were thanked  for leading by example in their dedication to waste reduction.

The full publication can be viewed at

Picture Perfect

Residents gathered yesterday in the Green Room to learn about their digital cameras! This course on digital photography is being taught in 4 sessions by professional photographer, Patrick Dixon, who has taught high school and college level courses in photography for over 30 years. Residents who enrolled in the digital photography course will be learning both technical and creative techniques that help photographers capture great shots!

 This course is part of our Learning in Retirement Series that opens up educational and personal growth opportunities for Panorama residents.

Welcome Dr. Khan

The Providence Clinic at Panorama welcomes Sheik Khan, MD to its fabulous medical team! Dr. Khan brings more than 2o years of experience. He has worked as an Internal Medicine Hospitalist and Emergency Department Physician. Welcome Dr. Khan!