Learning in Retirement Series – Life Aboard a Mercy Ship

Endorsed by many world leaders, including Desmond Tutu and Nelson Mandela, Mercy Ships mobilizes people and resources worldwide, delivering world class medical care with integrity and compassion to the world’s forgotten poor in developing nations.

Captain Tim Tretheway has served 25 years aboard the Mercy Ships along with his wife and family. He’ll share personal stories and offer a glimpse into their lives and work traveling aboard this hospital ship.

Join us for this unique opportunity! Thursday, June 7th

3:00 PM – 4:00 PM in the Panorama Theater.

Capital City Marathon

At Panorama, there are lots of opportunities and encouragement for wellness; not only for our residents but for our staff as well.

As part of our focus on staff wellness, Panorama facilitated staff participation in the Capital City Marathon. Last Sunday, 18 Panorama employees completed the marathon’s 5 mile walk/run.

Here’s to hoping enthusiastic participation in wellness will continue to grow within our community!

Panorama’s Welcome Pole

A dedication ceremony was held on Friday, April 27th for Panorama’s new Welcome Pole that now stands in the center of McGandy Park, at the heart of Panorama. The Welcome Pole was designed and carved by Squaxin Island tribal member, Andrea Sigo. Andrea named the pole Kia, which means “the giver of life” or “grandmother.” As a welcome pole, Kia’s purpose is to greet visitors, as well as guard the community and all who reside in her presence. The old growth pacific red cedar that Kia was carved from denotes her position as a provider and the apron that adorns her features hummingbirds and butterflies, together suggesting endless joy, beauty, and everlasting life.

We are proud to have this beautiful symbol of kinship grace our community.

April Food 2 B Fit

The Food 2 B Fit topic for April was “Food Synergy.”

“Food Synergy” is a concept that means pairing certain foods together in a way that optimizes nutritional value. An example of this, featured in last month’s Food 2 B Fit, is beans and polenta. Because beans are not complete proteins on their own, it is best to pair them with an additional grain product, such as polenta, in order to produce a complete nutritional meal. For the Food 2 B Fit demonstration, Meggin, our Chambers House Restaurant Catering Manager, and Melissa, our Panorama Fitness Coordinator, prepared a recipe of polenta rounds that includes sundried tomato polenta and black-eyed peas. Black-eyed peas, while being low in calories and fat, are also a good source of fiber, potassium, iron and, of course, protein.