An Artistic Beginning for 2014


At the request of resident art enthusiasts, the art studio was completely transformed in 2013 to a state-of-the-art, fully-accommodating space with ample storage and countless special features. As you walk in the door, the first thing you see is a gallery of masterpieces bathed in full spectrum light. Displayed on the wall are the works of resident artists in a variety of mediums. Watercolor paintings, graphite drawings, textile art, and computer art, just to name a few. A closer look reveals all the specialty features that turn an ordinary room into an extraordinary art studio.

The overall lighting in the new studio is one remarkable feature, as each contributing mechanism was selected with the integrity of color in mind. The walls are coated in a specially chosen white paint that reflects the full spectrum of light and the fixtures present natural illumination, creating a fresh and uplifting atmosphere that doesn’t distort color.

Each work station has an adjustable table that can be set to the perfect height for the comfort of each individual artist. To accommodate differing physical mobility situations, there are comfortable padded chairs, with and without arms.  Hanging from the ceiling are power outlets that descend for convenient access and retract when not in use. There is an air purifier filtration system that eliminates any fumes from the supplies being used. These features are just the basics.

The flat screen TV can be used in conjunction with the projection system that allows the instructor to demonstrate technique on a piece of paper while a live feed displays the demonstration on-screen for the whole room to see. There are personal lockers and shared storage cabinets that hold community supplies such as task lights and light tables. For those looking to test the waters before investing in a new hobby, there are sample mediums to try. Also available to the budding artist is a lending library of instructional DVDs and books.art_room_suppliesart_room_books











The options for creative exploration and expression are endless in this new art studio and it’s attracting even more interest from passersby. For as the glow of natural light and art on the walls catches your eye, you’re likely to stop in and admire the finished pieces and perhaps envision yourself as an artist. After all, that is the hope and mission that displays proudly on the studio wall, “To awaken and nurture the creative spirit in us all.”  


The Colored Pencil Class, taught by Panorama resident, Carol B.

The Colored Pencil Class, taught by Panorama resident, Carol B.