A Resident’s Perspective – No Yellow Pages

Written by Panorama resident, Mary Jo Shaw. September 2015

KNOCK. KNOCK. KNOCK…”In case you hear noises from above, we’ll be blowing pine needles from your roof and cleaning your gutters today.”

My mind flashed, Wow, I didn’t even have to pull out the yellow pages to hire someone.

Constantly, we see areas on our Panorama campus getting new garages, or brand new, pitch-roofs on new beautiful carports. Some carports become garages. We receive garden areas with new bushes and spruce trees, or other surprises. Others get newer down-in-the-ground, step-on, pop-up-lid trash cans. Someone showed up to sand and repaint the eves under the large overhangs around our little home and the other attached dwellings in our block. No resident had to use the yellow pages to find the best price.

It’s exciting to watch our close-circuit Panorama TV or read notices in the monthly Panorama Newsletter. We get advance notices of the upcoming schedules, announcing:

Weeding your garden

Replanting, trimming trees

Checking batteries in your smoke and carbon monoxide detectors

Changing batteries in your SARA pins (we wear and push if we fall or need help)

Checking on your laundry-dryer exhaust

Spray-cleaning patios, driveways and sidewalks

Giving your home a new roof

Those are just a few of the things we used to put on our calendars to compare prices in the yellow pages. Our neighbors tell of having to shovel snows where they lived. It’s not their problem anymore!

Last week our commode made funny gurgling noises. Instead of searching the yellow pages for a plumber, I called Panorama’s work-order desk Monday afternoon. The following morning Carlos arrived and replaced a ring in the tank.

When my laptop got ornery (I need my laptop to write my blog and my autobiography!), I called our Computer Learning Center (CLC) and obtained excellent over-the-phone-remedy from a retired Panorama volunteer. Last week, I needed help again. Larry, another CLC volunteer and good neighbor, came immediately, and I finished this blog!

Writing my book, I use lots of computer paper daily—rewriting, editing and critiquing and making hard copies. Katherine, auditorium manager, lets me bring home scratch paper that’s clean on one side. I’m recycling, and I’m not using the yellow pages to search for a good price on printer paper.

No wonder I don’t care much for pages that are the color yellow!

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A Resident’s Perspective – More Changes than the Physical Plant

Written by Panorama resident, Sandy Bush. September 2015

I would like to add some things to the recent blogger’s comments on change. As we all know, nothing stays the same. However, I was very impressed to greet a new maintenance fellow at the door the other day. 

Good grief, he seemed out of uniform, the way we always know him. Here he was to change our smoke detector batteries and check our dryer vent. This is such a welcome service to not worry about things like this. 

Then I find out that he is only re-assigned temporarily while the restaurant remodel is afoot! He always graciously does our dark ale order filling in our Chambers Restaurant!! (And won’t real taps be wonderful in the newly-perhaps named restaurant?) Always a smile and warmly greeted. I appreciate Panorama offering other jobs to staff while they are temporarily shifted during change. 

So a treat as he took on some routine catch-ups for our Operations department. I am sure they enjoy the extra hands. What also impressed me was that he was aware that we have two cats…which I promptly shut into a room while he worked with the dryer. We have always felt coddled and when the fellow who changes our heat pump filter comes to do that, he always plays with one of our nosey cats. 

These are things that are priceless about our community at Panorama. Not such small things as we contemplate the world in disruption. Just a big kudos all round!!!

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A Resident’s Perspective – Welcome Change

Written by Panorama resident, Bob Bowers. September 2015

Bowers - photoEverywhere I turn around this campus there’s some new construction or remodeling of the old. Just a couple of months ago there was a giant sequoia tree at the corner of Circle Lane and Woodland Loop. Now there is a fully framed and roofed new home ready for indoor construction. And, of course, the most sensational construction happening is the changes being wrought to the former Chambers House Restaurant. That’s the second transformation of the restaurant that I’ve witnessed in my better than 14 years of residency. I am eagerly awaiting the end result. I’ve got to get my suggestions in for the new name.

There’s some inconvenience to us all in this construction. We have to remember where we’re going and that’s sometimes a little difficult for people our age. PC CARE had to find another place for the Heart Bank Party. We couldn’t use the Quinault Auditorium. The Coffee Room in the Quinault was out because it would be used as the restaurant at the time we would need it on October 2nd. Someone suggested that PC CARE use the large downstairs room in the Chalet and we scheduled it. Then we got comments that if the party wasn’t going to be in Pan Hall then people weren’t going to go all the way to the Chalet. So finally we decided to have two parties at the Activity Desk outside the Lifestyle Enrichment Office. That’s where we’ll be to take your PC CARE heart boxes and other donations on October 2nd and 16th.

In the 14 years I’ve lived here I’ve seen steady transformation of a pretty good campus into one we can point to with pride. Every change means a better place to live for each of us. Every new amenity means that the Board of Directors and the Management care about us. Look around you. It’s a pretty good place to be at this time of life. Meanwhile, watch your step, remember where you’re going, and enjoy the changes.

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