2015 Pumpkin Parade

Every year, Panorama staff teams up to put on a Pumpkin Parade for residents living in our skilled nursing facility. Each department gets a pumpkin to decorate, along with some form of float. Residents gather in halls to watch as each float parades by. Here’s some of the wonderful creativity that was exhibited during this year’s parade!

Charlottes Web Pumpkin

Charlotte’s Web Pumpkin

1920's Pumpkin

1920’s Flapper Girl Pumpkin

Snoopy Pumpkin

Snoopy versus the Red Baron Pumpkin

Snoopy Pumpkin

Snoopy the Flying Ace Pumpkin

Scooby Doo Pumpkin

Scooby Doo Mystery Machine Pumpkin


Silver Sneakers at Panorama

Silver sneakers classSilver Sneaker’s class started at Panorama this month and 15 members showed up ready to train and learn all about strength training in the gym with our very own Certified Personal Trainer and Silver Sneaker Instructor, Angela.

Angela’s goal is to make you stronger and fitter while having fun. The body is designed to move and if you don’t work and train those muscles, you will lose them.

See you in class!