A Resident’s Perspective – Additional Views of Spring

Written by Panorama resident, Sandy Bush. April 2016

Spring has sprung and while the Pea “Patchers” are busy getting things into worked ground, many of us non-gardeners are enjoying the riot of color that happens around campus. The quiet and dark times of winter are now morphing into schedules of outings and things to do that keep our calendars full as our days lengthen.

Longer walks, even between rain squalls, bring us unbelievable color. Recently we had occasion to show prospective residents around on foot and they were blown away by the colors, even in small landscaped areas. The grounds crews are busy with upgrading tired “tree-lets” and some flowering plants that haven’t done well over winter. So the contrast of the color with the rich loam that is nestling around the new plantings is quite dramatic.

Sandy_1The camellias of red and white have given way to dogwood which is showering us with “rains” of pink. It felt like being in a wedding procession in the parking lot of Fred Meyer’s yesterday. The wind was moving the downed petals in swirls and more petals were coming off the trees, with littering that is just delightful.Sandy_2

Sandy_3Sandy_4Some yards are planted with an array of tulips in colors that amaze. Our Saucer Magnolia is done with its outrageous blossoms. The branches serve four of our neighbors with colorful arrays of soft color.

Sandy_5Panorama affords us delights for the eyes as we walk about campus and our out-laying neighborhoods any time of year. There is always something of color popping up. But spring continues to be very special. And for us non-gardeners, we so appreciate all the effort that our grounds people put in to make our environment almost artistic.

With the occurrence of Earth Day, April 22, Panorama dedicated the three new Sequoias that have been planted in McGandy Park. The new ones are spaced such that as the older tall trees in the park reach old age, the newer ones will continue the job of keeping our campus green.

Sandy_6This is one of three sequoias that have been planted in McGandy Park to replace the 60 year old one that was taken down due to internal rot. Sampson, guarding the dog park, was sculpted out of the salvageable part of the Sequoia. A bench of the wood is in the making.

While enjoying McGandy Park, be sure to see the Tulip Tree next to our totem woman.


Of course, my favorites are the Rhododendron varieties that are all over campus.

Sandy_7Hopefully we can all get out and about to view this splash that is spring heralding summer.

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