Blasting Burst-outs!

Written by Panorama resident, Mary Jo Shaw. March 2019

How many times have we heard a real burst out? We heard some of them as children.

HEAR (pardon the on-purpose pun!) are a few echoes from the past:


You’re PREGNANT!? We’re going to be GRANDPARENTS!

Get out of bed and CLEAN UP this room!   

Ru-n-n, Tommy. Run!!

Do your homework, and I mean N-OW-W!

Go-o-o!….GO-O-O-O!  YEAH! …TOUCHDOWN!!

DAD!…I made all A’s!

Readers, do I see eyeball rolls and head nods?

Surely we’ve experienced the church organ with all STOPS bursting out Lohengrin’s Bridal March as our fancy hankies dotted smiling cheeks. Or maybe we recall when the orchestra played tutti (all, or almost all, the instruments playing at the same time) “How Great Thou Art” or John Phillip Sousa’s “Washington Post”. Then there are the unusual Washington State days: It’s going UP to 90 degrees today! Or what Chris and I seriously teased while living in the Las Vegas desert 25 years: At last, it’s going DOWN to a 100 tomorrow…A COLD FRONT!

We watch as a TV camera zeros in on an announcer holding a microphone as he rings a doorbell. The door opens and the entire family is already assembled and peering from behind the jackpot winner. You hear the squeals of excitement and the announcement, “This could be you, if you just… I have to admit I’d be a little loud too. However, I’m tired of those years. Waiting until the last minute to make the decision to return the entry or not, then caving in and nervously spending an hour sorting what to enclose in the thick, large envelope and being sure all the correct stickers were pasted in their proper places. My heart’s exhausted from pounding as I parted with those precious “15” cent stamps. At 80 years old, I’m blessed I don’t have to make those kinds of important decisions anymore.

My big decisions at Panorama hover over which of the many great activities to select. Will it be a lecture, stage play, concert, luncheon, a visit in our Pan Hall, party, class, or movie? Perhaps I’ll play the piano somewhere to cheer people up, or write, or do my crafts. I hope God has good ears to capture my bursts out of thanks in my heart (and even aloud) every day.


And when I waved both hands impatiently…HAND ME MY CAMERA…GOTTA CATCH THIS SUNSET.

Walking around our campus on the first day the temperature went up to 50 degrees after our snowstorm, I dropped my jaw at the rhododendrons waiting to burst with their huge blooms, along with the daffodils. Spring is ready to burst out all over our gorgeous campus. So many plants have their buds’ color peeking out of their little casings. How can our hearts not burst out – HOW GREAT THOU ART?             

So…what’s my last bud almost ready to burst out? My next book, CROSSROADS TO CONVENT memoir is ready for the printer….ALLELUIA! ALLELUIA!

What Brings Us to Yoga?

Written by Panorama resident, Charles Kasler. Photos by Charlie Keck. March 2019

What brings us to yoga? Many reasons – to get into better shape, relax, reduce stress, improve chronic issues like back pain, or fear of falling. All good reasons; however, the joy of practice eventually becomes its own reward. We don’t practice to get something; it just becomes part of our lifestyle. It’s who we are. Of course, we still receive the many side-benefits of yoga.

Some people are intimidated because it seems too exotic, or they’re not flexible. No problem. Yoga adapts to each person. There is no goal except to have a positive relaxing experience. Our next summer workshop will go into detail about self-care with yoga. It doesn’t replace Western medicine, but it adds a nice complement that can be empowering for everyone.

Practice changes over time! Ageing has been compared to living in a house on fire. How do we find grace and ease in bodies, and sometimes minds, that gradually decline?

There is endless research showing the healing effects of yoga on body, mind and spirit. There are over 3000 papers and studies on meditation alone. All it takes is consistent practice. Attending a class helps, providing support, learning, fun, and community.

We celebrated New Year’s Eve with a silent meditation in the chapel, tea and visiting afterward, and then a free yoga/meditation class on New Year’s Day. Connie taught a workshop in January on cardiovascular health. She is always well-informed and entertaining.

The Spring Mindfulness Retreat will be at the end of March, after our Spring Equinox gathering. Quarterly social get-togethers are popular with our yoga/meditation community. Classes are ongoing…take a trial class for free. Everyone is welcome!