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People are slowly and very cautiously beginning to hope and dream about future travels! This past month I have had the opportunity to help some Panorama clients with new bookings for late 2021, 2022, and yes, even 2023! This breathes new hope and life back into Hopes & Dreams Travel. Over the past three months, I’ve made approximately 70 booking cancellations . . . so to have the chance to once again work on travel plans was such a treat. This challenging season of COVID-19 has reaffirmed how much I truly love helping people with travel. The joy and excitement that I felt while making those new bookings and talking with clients about their future trips was wonderful! At a time when fifty percent of people in the travel industry have lost their jobs, we are more committed than ever to continuing to help people at Panorama with their travel plans. 

We are getting our first reports of a few small ship cruise lines that will be starting to sail again in July and August. These small ships have far less people, usually 100 or less, and have implemented strict protocols of safety. They are not impacted by the CDC’s current cruise restrictions. American Cruise Lines will offer sailings on the Columbia River and on the Mississippi River in July at 75% percent capacity. UnCruise will be offering some Alaska cruises this summer on a very limited basis. New for 2021, UnCruise is offering 5-night roundtrip Washington itineraries including the Salish Sea, San Juan Islands, and Sucia Island. They also have a 7-night Olympic Wilderness & San Juan Islands itinerary.  These might be great options to consider for travels closer to home. 

Reports are continuing to confirm that travel within the United States will boom in the months ahead. I’ve been thinking and dreaming about a few places on my list, but I will probably not make many personal travel plans until 2021, when it will hopefully be less risky to travel. A few of the places I’m thinking about are Yosemite, South Carolina, and Boston.  There are also so many wonderful options right in our own backyard in the Pacific Northwest! What destinations are you dreaming about? 

Looking ahead, Viking Cruise Lines is now offering Great Lakes cruises and Mississippi River cruises beginning in 2022! We have some people that have expressed interest in going as a Panorama group, so please let me know if that is something that interests you. I will start working on a group if there is enough interest. Also, if you have individual Viking bookings that you would like help with for 2021, 2022, or 2023, please give me a call. I book a lot of Viking cruises and have helpful information and tips to offer. I will also add a special gift to your Viking cruise if you book with Hopes & Dreams Travel!

Below you will find two 2021 trips we are working on. I am taking a cautious approach before coming out with too many new options and want to be sure that it is safe before we resume our group trips. 

April 30 – May 06, 2021
Canadian Rockies by rail and coach from Vancouver to Calgary with roundtrip Panorama transfers

Explore the majestic Canadian Rockies by train with two days in GoldLeaf rail service on the Rocky Mountaineer train from Vancouver to Kamloops to Banff. Then spend some time sightseeing in Banff as well as 2 days/nights in Lake Louise. Next, we will make our way to Calgary for some sightseeing and an overnight before flying back to Seattle.  

Prices start from approximately $4,899 per person based on double occupancy or $6,750 per person for single occupancy for this 8 day/7 night journey. This trip includes GoldLeaf rail service on the Rocky Mountaineer, tours from Vancouver to Calgary, 7 hotel nights, taxes, and porterage, touring by bus and train, airfare from Calgary to Seattle and roundtrip Panorama transfers. Trip will be escorted with a minimum of 16 people. Hold your spot with $1,000 per person deposit payable by check. Travel insurance is additional. 

October 23 – 30, 2021   
UnCruise – Rivers of Wine & History
7 nights on the ss Legacy
Roundtrip Portland, OR with optional transportation from Panorama

Join us for an adventure on the Columbia River in October 2021! We will sail roundtrip Portland on the ss Legacy, which holds just 86 guests. Ports include Astoria, Hood River, then we will pass through the Bonneville locks, and up to the Snake River with a side trip to Walla Walla. The cruise will also include a stop at the Maryhill Museum, as well as some wineries in Walla Walla and the Willamette Valley, with food and wine pairings and events along the way. UnCruise offers included excursions and amazing landscapes from sea to river on this unique journey. There’s no better way to discover the natural treasures of Washington and Oregon than from the decks of a small ship.

Prices have been lowered and now start from approximately $4,920 per person based on double occupancy, which includes cruise fare, port charges, and taxes. Additional savings are available if you have previously cruised with UnCruise. Gratuities, travel insurance and transfers to/from Portland are additional. Call today for more details, or if you simply want to add your name to the list of people who are interested!  You can then decide by June or July if you would like to put a deposit on any trip. 

To contact Hopes & Dreams Travel, you can leave a message at x5112 or call 253-931-0909. You can also email us at Hopesanddreamstravel@gmail.com. We look forward to helping you with group or individual bookings when you are ready to travel again!

Panorama Penthouse?

Written by Panorama resident, Mary Jo Shaw. May 2020

One day during this stay-at-home restriction, I stepped outside onto our balcony and eyed a woman walking through the covered parking lot for Quinault residents. “Hi there!!” I called out at a proper level of hearing that far away. She looked around, continued walking until hearing, “Hey…I’m up here!”

She gazed up, doing a complete 360.

“You missed me. I’m at your right. Look up to 5th floor.”

“Oh! Hi, there, Mary Jo! How are you doing?”

“I’m doing great! But who ARE you? I don’t recognize your eyeballs!”

She laughed heartily, pulling her mask down from her face, and responded, “I’m Pat! You have a great view from up there, don’t you?”

“Oh, yes, and we’re blessed in many other ways.”

I watched as she headed toward Circle Loop. What she didn’t know!

One example: We selected a very small apartment on the top floor of the Quinault Building. All my 50 years of marriage, I’ve wanted the smallest kitchen possible, but it needed to have lots of storage.

Reader, see you grinning, “Sounds like an oxymoron, Mary Jo!”

Hey, we got it! My husband calls it the Panorama Penthouse. With pantry pull-outs, I can double stack cans, front to back, in each of the four long drawers. Cabinets have things we really don’t need to keep…containers that I might need sometime!  Why have a large kitchen floor to keep clean?

I can stand at my kitchen sink, turn, and stir a cooking pot without moving a foot!Yes, the exercise would be good, but I have the option of walking through the hallway, family room, etc. for extra mileage. I actually do that at times, with my iPhone in my pocket to tract my distance. A quarter-mile walked trumps a quarter-mile in a recliner watching TV. Even then, if I want to watch or just listen, I can easily be tuned-in in this convenient, small place.

I turned to come back inside the apartment, but noticed Assisted Living activity coordinator, Stephanie, assisting a resident getting started on a walk. Pointing to the opposite side of the parking lot, they headed my way. I called out, louder than I had for Pat.  “Hey, Stephanie!” She, too, looked around.

“Over here…up high!” Both arms swung huge curves over my head right to left.

Stephane’s body language told me she was clueing in Ms. Assisted Living Woman. They nodded toward each other, waved back, and headed my way…a tad more than just moseying along. For about 20 seconds, we could not see each other because of the garage roof blocking the sidewalk view.

However, when they could see me again, they both wore big smiles and returned more arm-greetings. Emotionally I “heard” their hearts of happy excitement.

Their alert, quick pace remained until they turned and were just below my balcony. Now I could use a lower volume, “I miss playing piano on Mondays during lunchtime in Assisted Living.”

Stephanie’s response stirred up my thoughts. “Hopefully, it won’t be long!” was music to my ears…way up in our Panorama Penthouse!

Looking Back at Panorama

Submitted by Resident Archivist, Deb Ross – May 2020

In the next couple installments of Looking Back at Panorama we’ll spend some time with the well-known watercolor of the David and Elizabeth Chambers farm, by artist Edward Lange. The painting was likely created some time in the 1890s. We are looking roughly south from Willow Street; the southern lobe of Chambers Lake is visible as a sliver of blue in the distance. The  homestead was at the current site of the Chalet building. If you look closely, you’ll see two women in bicycles wheeling around the driveway to the home. A Smithsonian article stressed the importance of the bicycle craze to women’s empowerment in the 1890s: 

Bicycles extended women’s mobility outside the home. A woman didn’t need a horse to come and go as she pleased, whether to work outside the home or participate in social causes. Those who had been confined by Victorian standards for behavior and attire could break conventions and get out of the house.

Suffragist Susan B Anthony said that the bicycle “did more to emancipate women than anything in the world.” 

For your own closer look at the painting, stop by the interpretive panel outside the Chalet.