A Resident’s Perspective – A Magical Evening


Written by Panorama resident, Bob Bowers. April 2014.

Yesterday evening a packed house at the auditorium enjoyed a concert of light, yet emotional music. The chorus, not to be outdone by its audience, thoroughly enjoyed performing that music. I’ve sung in the chorus for thirteen years and it was the best concert we’ve done. This venerable organization has been around since 1990 when the women’s chorus and the Bow-Tie Boys men’s chorus merged. Today the chorus is 54 strong with a waiting list of people who want to join and sing. Most Panorama folks are like me, I would suppose. They’ve sung in choirs and choruses over the years in the places where they have lived—church choirs, community choruses, glee clubs, barbershop groups both male and female, and all kinds of community musical productions. You name it we’ve sung it.

Last night was magic. It takes a lot more than musical notes to make magic. It takes people who really want to sing; an audience that is alive and responsive; a good venue like our Auditorium; a director, pianist, and piano accompaniment that is superb; an auditorium crew that knows staging and sound systems; and a corporation who backs our efforts. By ourselves without anything else we’d be lost. With all of it together we make the magic of music. What a night! I’ll keep singing until my mind and body say, “You’d better join the audience.” And, I’ll be in my seat experiencing the magic. Thanks a million to everyone who makes the magic possible!

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