A Resident’s Perspective – Arts Walk 2016

Written by Panorama resident, Charlie Keck. Photos also by Charlie Keck.  September 2016

If you think a resident art show at a retirement community offers only doilies by dollies and watercolor barns with red straight out of a box, you should have come for the Panorama Art Walk on September 8.

Bead Work at Panorama Arts WalkThirty artists, fresh from the smashing success of a Panorama exhibition at the Washington Performing Art Center in May and June, joined one hundred and fifty others participating in the Panorama Arts Walk – visual artists in various media, writers, dramatic performers and musicians to put on a really big show.

Some residents at Panorama are retired art professionals, others are established A-list amateurs, but of most interest for me were the B-list amateurs who, freed from the shackles of employment, grass cutting and progeny, can now hone their art skills with support from peers.

Pottery Wheel Art utilizing many different media were shown. Although all art starts with simple materials and an idea, those folks who start with a skein of yarn, fabric or a lump of clay seem like alchemists who transform base materials into pleasing art.  The range of art offerings included painters, drawers, metal and wood workers, as well as individuals working in fabric, felt, glass, jewelry, baskets and assemblages.  Musicians added to the salon-like ambience and thespians read vignettes by resident writers.

The art guild sometimes channels a visit by an artist from the past. This year we had Pablo Picasso.  He spoke Spanish, but I think he said, “Damn good work.”

Tapestry Work at Panorama Arts Walk 2016Mounting this show generated a beehive of activity. Kathy Houston and Grace Moore were co-queen bees; worker bees Gail Madden (theater and literary), Jane Barry (music) and April Works (visual art) were aided by dozens of anonymous drones.

Special kudos go to Jill Huentelman and Jeff Sprengel who produced the eye-catching show program.

Come to the art show next year and get your art juices flowing. You’ll see great art and eat good food.  Parking is a bit tight, but we have two ninety year old women who used to race stock cars provide valet services.  Fun to watch them squeeze almost all of someone else’s car into a tight spot.

Charlie Keck

B-list scribe

6 thoughts on “A Resident’s Perspective – Arts Walk 2016

  1. This was way too fun, and highlighted one of our newest members of the ex-pat Sea Ranch group….nicely presented, Charlie, and fun, too!!

  2. Great article, Charlie. Also loved your photo collages of the art walk that are in the art studio. Thanks!

  3. Great job Charlie, covering a fantastic Arts walk in a manner that was worthy of the Arts Walk itself!

  4. Great writing Charlie! Add that to your long list of accomplishments! Can you tell me the name of the beading woman in that great first photo? I was tied to my table and couldn’t get around to see other artists.


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