A Resident’s Perspective – Autumn Leaves

Written by Panorama resident, Bob Bowers. November 2016

This morning I sat reading the Olympian in our sun room.  There was no sun, of course, because it is usually dark outside at 6:30 am—especially since I turned the clock back Saturday night to comply with the time change. My body complained to me: “You know it is really 5:30, don’t you!” I don’t make the change as well as the clock!

When light began to illuminate the lawn, I noticed that the great old broadleaf maple tree was 90% devoid of leaves. Rain and wind during the past week had quickly loosened the huge leaves.  The diligent work of the grounds folks dispatched the leaves into piles with a blower and then into trucks to be hauled away.  All that was left outside was a smattering of bushes at the base of our friend, the tree; a green lawn stretching toward Cardinal Lane; and, above us our friend’s massive bare limbs stretched skyward toward the clouds.

Julia and I missed the leaves.  They’ve been hanging from the tree since April.  We enjoyed them for six months as they appeared, morphed through the stages of their life, turned from green to gold, fell off and were whisked away.  They made a comforting backdrop for our comings and goings from that room.  Our solace is, that, if we’re still here next April our old leaf friends will be replaced by a new fresh crop.  The cycle of renewal, excitement, enjoyment and decline will repeat itself for us next year.

Bob Bowers - Cactus

Bob Bowers - Cactus Flower

Our bonus for this day is that our Christmas cactuses have each one decided that this time of turning back clocks is a time for turning on blooms.  Each of our five hybrid cactuses have burst into huge magenta and pink blooms.  Who cares what time it is!  It is the time to bloom.  What else matters?  And, that’s a lesson for us septuagenarians, octogenarians, nonagenarians, and centenarians (Look ‘em up!):  Life is cyclical. Whatever our age—if you’re an OLD CACTUS—it is the time to bloom!


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  1. Lovely piece, Bob ….we lost our Christmas cactus, old and fragile in our move here in 2013 …..good work!

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