A Resident’s Perspective – Changes and Growth at Panorama

Written by Panorama resident, Bob Bowers. July 2016

I found Deb Ross’ blog “Newbies, Would-bes, and Boomers” to be thought provoking.  Her blog was quoted in the 2015 Annual Report.  The comments brought back memories.  When my wife and I took up residence at Panorama on December 22, 2000 she was 67 and I was 65, soon to become 66 in March.  The average age of residents was somewhere in the low 80’s.  The comment we got when we mentioned our ages was more like this: “Oh, you’re just young kids!”  I still get that comment from the 90+’s around Panorama and I’ll be 82 in March!

We moved here from Anchorage, Alaska because we wanted a better living situation:  a physical home that was user friendly and not a two-story, walk-up condo on the second and third floor of the building; a place with a better climate than one with heaps of snow and ice and melting slush in winter; a community that met our need for good medical care and if need be good hospitals and a good nursing home—ya never know!–;  and, a stimulating environment to help keep us alive and growing.

When we came to Panorama there was no Aquatic and Fitness Center.  There was one large room in the basement of the Quinault called the Quinault “Auditorium” and no auditorium/theater with the latest in seating, design, and program.  The television “station” operated in a tiny room with old equipment.  There was no recycling center.  The nursing home was doing a terrific job of care in a 30- year-old outdated building.  One social worker was working for the Benevolent Fund.  The activities page in the newsletter was a page and a half long.  There was no wi-fi; no Information Technology Department; and very few computers to be seen.

What we did have at Panorama was:

  • A CEO dedicated to changes that made sense
  • A Board of Directors committed to working with the Executive Staff to create excellence
  • A Marketing Staff aware of the need for good, solid marketing
  • Residents who were aware of needs and progressive in working for change

We are not done yet.  This is a dynamic place to live into our old age.  I can now be considered to be old.  And, yes, I have some challenges in my old age.  But, I like what’s happened here.  I was grateful for the new C and R who took superb care of my wife in the last 3 ½ years of her life.  We’re entering a new phase at Panorama with the retirement of Joe DiSanto.  We’ve exciting changes and challenges ahead as the new Management Team takes over.  I wouldn’t miss it. . .and, I hope I live long enough to enjoy it as much as I have enjoyed the changes in the past 16 years!

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One thought on “A Resident’s Perspective – Changes and Growth at Panorama

  1. Great post, Bob. What a lot of changes you’ve seen. And we “newbies” benefit so much from the care, money, and dedication of residents who have supported these improvements. We just hope we can continue the tradition — looking forward to supporting Phase III!

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