A Resident’s Perspective – Christmas Present or Christmas Past

Written by Panorama resident, Mike Turner. December 2014

Recently a busload of Panoramans went to the 5th Street Theatre to see the Broadway musical “A Christmas Story”.  This delightful musical is based on the 1983 film of the same name and is a, wait for it, wait for it…. a story about Christmas.  Both the movie and the musical have a narrator that takes you through memories of one of his most memorable childhood Christmases.

On the way home, Jay and I discussed the show and some of our Christmas memories.  Here are some of the ones from the movie and musical, not that we had these particular ones, but they are certainly a spring board to memories of Christmas as a child that look so differently after so many years.

  • The pink bunny suit pajamas sent to the 10 year old boy from the aunt that thinks he is a girl.


  •  The turkey dinner that fails horribly….this time because it was eaten by the next door neighbor’s dogs.  Don’t ask…rent the movie, it is hysterical.


  • The little brother getting dressed for a cold winter school day in a snowsuit that makes him look and walk like the Michelin man.


  • The longing for that special Christmas present that just won’t go away.  In this case it’s a bb gun that his mother won’t buy for him because “you’ll shoot your eye out”.


  •  The essay that always had to be written before Christmas vacation….”What I want for Christmas.” 


  • That trip to the department store on Main Street to stare at the Christmas displays of toys and the inevitable sitting on Santa’s lap to tell him what you want.

And all those other wonderful memories we have of Christmases past.  Everyone has them.  The childhood memories that after all these years have those faded, blurry edges and seem so nostalgic and fun.

I’m certainly not saying don’t love and appreciate your present Christmas experiences since they become those soft, heart touching ones in years to come.  I guess what I am saying is it’s sometimes nice just to sit back, think about and relive those memories, even the ones that perhaps weren’t so good at the time because now they are all soft edged, just a little hazy, and the not so happy memories are always not quite as bad looking back on them. And most of all they feel so good to remember.

Have a wonderful Christmas and share a childhood Christmas memory with someone.  You will be amazed at the conversation it will start because we all have them.

Mike Turner

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