A Resident’s Perspective – Conversation Overheard

Written by Panorama resident, Mary Jo Shaw. October 2015.

Recently, a conversation in Panorama Gifts, Etc. got my attention while I took a brief inventory of my consigned cards. An older resident purchased some postage stamps, accepted her change from volunteer Jerri, and remarked, “I just visited my husband in the nursing facility. I’m getting too old to walk from my home and back twice a day, but we both look forward to seeing each other.”

Panorama Resident Gift ShopJerri closed the cash register, “Oh, don’t forget about our Resident Transit service.”

Resident interrupted, “Well, I don’t live that far away, but it’s a long distance for me, especially when I’m tired. You know, I’m not as young as I used to be.”

The three of us laughed at the understatement we all hear and admit so often.

She held onto the counter and turned to welcome me into the conversation.

“I hate to call transit for such a short trip,” Older Resident continued.

Jerri affirmed again, “But Resident Transit doesn’t make long trips. It operates only on our campus–that’s exactly what it’s for.”

I nodded my head, “I just came over here from my home in Woodland Court. I love to walk, but this morning I did a lot of work, and I was tired, too.”

“My husband is a driver for Resident Transit,” Jerri said. “He volunteers because he enjoys helping out. He comes home and says riders remark how appreciative they are for the service. He’s happy making people happy—like we all feel when we help someone else.”

“All you have to do is call 7725,” I added. “The dispatcher will ask you where and when you need to go, and where you live. If you know what time you want to return home, you can tell them in the same call, or you can buzz from any of the many in-house phones when you’re ready. The service is free, and no tipping!”

“You can call for a ride if you want to go visiting, to the on-campus banks, to the restaurant or to the auditorium for movies, plays, lectures, concerts, or aquatic/fitness center—anywhere on campus,” Jerri said.

“When I’m finished here, I’ll go up to chapel, get my black case someone in the metal shop fixed for me, visit a neighbor who moved to the Quanault and then call for a pick-up for home. This afternoon they’re taking me to the dentist in our  on-campus clinic. Gotta go now, but don’t forget to dial for a pick up to go home when you are ready, if you’d like,” I reminded her.

Sometimes we need a recap of the benefits available at Panorama, especially, if we haven’t used or needed the service before. Resident Transit is one of those great blessings.

P.S. I still hear fun comments about my BLOG 10: The Wheels on Our Bus from November 2014, which includes related rides. Enjoy, if you haven’t read it yet!  MJo

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