A Resident’s Perspective – Fall Is Here

Written by Panorama resident, Sandy Bush. November 2015

Well, the pumpkins are gone. Some of us missed them. But with the leaving of the Halloween season, the rains may well have started. 

The neon of the changing colors, especially in the dimmer light with some grayness interspersed and rain on leaves, gives a delightful eyeful as we walk about campus or out in the neighborhoods.

Fall at Panorama

Some wind has brought many fir needles down on our patios, driveways and streets. Walking on the way to a Scrabble afternoon, I watched grounds folks trying to keep up with the leaves down and the needles all over. I asked a fellow who was blowing and shoveling leaves into the pick-up truck if they ever felt they would get ahead of the chores. He laughed and just shook his head. 

The magnolia tree that covers our backyard with pink and white loveliness come April or May surely is a thorn in their side. It affords us lovely shade on the patio for the days that are too warm in summer. And it allows wonderful sun into our living room and dining room when the leaves are off as they will be in a short time. The two cats lounge in the sun spots now that the sun is lowering in our sky. But I can see now that the leaves are coming down and it is a full time job for our neighborhood workers. Sandy's Cat

We are so grateful for all the effort. It also keeps the street gutters from clogging the drains when the rain really comes down like it did a day ago. Fall and winter weather are no longer scary times with all the attention to our roof and yard.

 If you can, do make a point of just walking through the neighborhoods to see the array of lovely color. It won’t be long before the deciduous trees are bare and we can see their stem structures. The changing seasons are a gift.

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  1. This blog is so apt, Deb. We are youngsters, too (70 and 75) when we moved here in 2013…a place is what you make it. We have not found time to sit and worry about aging…we hike and swim and climb Quinault Stairs and have found a tremendous active group of residents. Getting the word out is important. Thanks for this piece. Sandy Bush

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