A Resident’s Perspective – It Was All About Cars and Caring

Written by Panorama resident, Mike Turner. August 2015

On Saturday August 15th Panorama held it’s first Car Show. What a treat! Jean Jacobsen and Grace Moore from Lifestyle Enrichment did a bang up job of a show presenting new and vintage cars for Panorama and local residents alike. To be honest though, Jean was getting a little nervous on Friday when the torrential rains were looking a little ominous. Car show guys are just not in the habit of bringing those bright shiny cars out in the rain.20150815_121130_resized copy


Photo by resident Charlie Keck

The Show had two parking lots full of cars. A great band, Pumphouse, that played songs we all knew and some danced to. The Car Show had all the extras we love; fun T-shirts, a raffle with great prizes and of course food. This time the food was provided by food trucks! There was an Asian fusion and Mediterranean style offering, with my favorite being the dessert truck….elephant ears. Had never heard of them, had them and will be back for them.

The show was an overall success with lots of residents and local folks out with their kids. However I think there were some special moments.

Like one of the car owners saying he doesn’t go to many car shows where the spectators say things like “I remember when my family got one of those cars when it was new.” “We had that car when I was a kid.” “That was my first car when I was in high school.”20150815_121432_resized

One of the real special moments was when the show participants took their cars for a parade around Panorama as they left the show. The parade route even included a trip through the C&R parking lot so the residents in the nursing facility could look out the windows and see the cars. What a nice gesture.

For one of Panorama’s residents the show was particularly sweet and more than a little nostalgic. Frank Alberti of Holladay Park showed his 1917 King automobile. Incidentally the year the car was “born”, so was Frank. After many years of working on it, showing it off and taking the neighbors for rides, it was time to let it go. Frank sold his baby to an Air and Car Museum in Oregon where they not only display their exhibits but keep them in running order and have shows of their vintage planes and cars. The car went to a nice home.


Frank Alberti and his wife Reta pose in front of their 1917 King Motor Car just before it was loaded up for its trip to the Western Antique Aeroplane and Automobile Museum.

Mike_Jay_Frank (copy)

Residents Mike Turner, Jay Felzien and Frank Alberti pose with Frank’s 1917 King Motor Car on the morning of Panorama’s 1st Car Show.

Frank and his wife Reta were surprised, proud and excited when they learned that the car had been voted BEST IN SHOW. But as we know life sometimes throws us curve balls or in this case a gas line leak. As Frank was taking his car to the fair early Saturday morning, the gas line sprung a leak. No gas, no moving. And here is where the “care” portion of the story comes in. We know how the Panorama staff looks out for us, provides great service and really care about our welfare and safety. Well who knew that care included some AAA service? When security and some of the Panorama staff found out about the situation they were on the spot providing a very long push to the Auditorium parking lot to make sure that Frank’s car was in its special place when the show opened. I spoke to Frank about that and showed him the pictures that were taken. He said he thought the one with all the guys pushing reminded him of the Iwo Jima statue with the Marines hoisting the American flag. Good eye Frank. 2

Panorama Staff give resident, Frank Alberti and is 1917 King a push to the Car Show.

Panorama Staff give resident, Frank Alberti and is 1917 King a push to the Car Show.

UntitledWell here’s to another great Panorama program! See you around campus.

Mike Turner


4 thoughts on “A Resident’s Perspective – It Was All About Cars and Caring

  1. It was a good show for your 1st show. That’s my Yellow 54 Mercury Sun Valley in that 1st picture so thanks for that. I had a real nice gentleman walk up to me while sitting be my car and shared a photo album he had of Jay Leno & him and and lot of Jay Leno’s cars and that was really awesome. So just wanted to say thanks for sharing. Just a hint no matter what your registration hours are some car will always be early so be ready don’t park them in the back 40, have affordable food that good and also hot they will come back. Thanks and have affordable nice day.

  2. Lovely recounting of the fun day with cars!!! Great pics and kudos to our staff and special folks who gave Frank a boost!!! The car is special and our guys are wayyyy special!!!!!!!

  3. What a wonderful story and I’m glad to know you had a car show at Panorama. Ours this year at Gualala Arts Center was awesome. I love car shows!

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