A Resident’s Perspective – It’s All About Calendar Control

Written by Panorama resident, Mike Turner. February 15th, 2014

Like most residents here at Panorama, as each month’s Panorama News arrives, we drop everything and rush to the computer to put in all the dates of the activities we MUST attend, on our calendar.  I began thinking about calendar control as I looked at a recently completed monthly calendar.

I remember the days when my business calendar was a filo fax, a week at a glance calendar, a Franklin Planner, a day timer or at some point just one of those freebie Hallmark calendar books you get when you buy something.  The entries consisted mostly of the weekly staff meeting, the monthly flight for the corporate meetings, some birthdays, and some reminders for required dated reports and meetings with the boss.

My, my how things have changed in my retirement.  Now no more paper and pencil in the little book, it’s right to my computer and the calendar page.  Then I start putting in all the things that MUST be done;  my Resident Council meetings, the PAAT monthly meetings, weekly dinners with our Sea Ranch friends, Readers Theatre rehearsals and shows, Friday Share at the Pea Patch, and don’t even get me started on the Auditorium.  I have to make sure I have down the movies, plays, LIR programs, meetings, discussions, music appreciation, speakers, dance and music programs and all the other activities I have forgotten.  And then it’s on to the off campus dates for bus trips to the opera and plays, Sunday drives, restaurant trips, Seattle, WCPA programs.  Then Jay starts on his list.  His work with hospice, the Barn and the Benevolent Fund.  ENOUGH!  You get the idea, we are busier now than when we “worked”, and enjoying every busy minute.

So now, all our activities are in the computer and it’s time to print out the calendar and put in on the fridge.  YIKES!  Each ‘day box’ on the calendar has so many items in it that it stretches out each box to the point that it takes two pages to print the calendar.  Not what we were looking for so we decided to stop the printed version.  It really didn’t work anyway since we were constantly adding, changing, and moving items around on the calendar with pencil cross-offs and arrows to show new activity dates and times.  So now we keep the calendar on the computer, check it often and make the necessary electronic changes.

But when you think about it, what could be better?  A daily life so filled with interesting, informative, fun activities that the list doesn’t even fit on a piece of paper.  Don’t you just love retirement at Panorama!?

Mike Turner

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  1. Just wanted to say, I enjoyed your article. My husband and I are looking forward to moving to Panorama this year, hopefully. It seems like such a wonderful place to live.

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