A Resident’s Perspective – It’s More Than the Beauty of Campus

Written by Panorama resident, Bob Bowers. April 14th, 2014

Julia and I spent Saturday and Sunday at her beach house on Kamiliche Point near Shelton.  It is a heavenly place when the weather is beautiful…..Puget Sound fluctuating with the tides, shore birds returning, a few boats plying the waters, Mount Rainier visible on the horizon.  In any weather it is a great place to be.

Circle Lane in SpringBut, then, Sunday afternoon we returned to campus.  As soon as we crossed 14th Avenue on the way home, the campus blossomed. Trees and grass in rich hues of green.  Rhodies beginning to bloom.  Flowers of all colors brightening flower beds.  I felt myself feeling very grateful to be living here.  But, as I reflected, it is more than just the beauty of campus that makes me glad I’m here.

Around my neck is my SARA pendent, letting me know that the Benevolent Fund and Panorama care enough about my safety and welfare to connect me at all times with helpers if I need them.  I think of the social workers and emergency responders and the security department who quietly and untiringly keep us in mind as they maintain safety and security.  I know I can get help from them when I’m physically and mentally challenged by what is going on in my life. I think of the Convalescent Center that will care for me when I face physical or mental  challenges that seem to be too much for me. I think of the folks at the clinic, the dentist, the rehab folks, the banks, and the pharmacy who try to help me keep my health and sanity. And, there are people who love me and express their concern.

It’s not just the beauty of the flowers, or the superb entertainment and venue of the auditorium that make me glad I’m living in Panorama. Tonight Julia and I will go to the Panorama Auditorium to hear another soft and sweet performance by one of our favorite performers. What a place to live out our retirement!

As I walk the paths of this campus I’ll give you a nod and a word of greeting.  You do the same for me.  We are both fortunate to be here.  Let’s make the best of it for the good of all of us.

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