A Resident’s Perspective – Look Up and See the Flowers

Written by Panorama resident, Bob Bowers. July 2015

I recently was taking a walk one afternoon in the hot summer sunshine and chanced to wander across Golf Club Road into the Pea Patch.  Obviously the Pea Patch is a popular place for gardeners because the gardens were flourishing.  Bright varicolored dahlias, pretty roses,  larkspur, snapdragons, and such welcomed my eyes.  Vegetables and fruits were obviously doing well by the looks of their bright green leaves and growing edibles.  And, there was sweet corn and zucchini in abundance getting ready to be picked and eaten.  What a place!

Photo taken by resident Charlie Keck. August 2015.

Photo taken by resident Charlie Keck. August 2015.

Before I left I chanced to see a somewhat hidden garden over in a far corner.  Its wooden frames were full of blooming colorful flowers.  A sign stood in front of the frames announcing that this was the “C & R Flower Garden.”  I took several shots and, because it was hot, went on my way to seek a cooler place.  But, my heart was brightened by the cascade of blossoms.

This garden was created many years ago by resident gardeners who wanted to provide fresh flowers in season for the dining tables of Panorama’s Convalescent and Rehab center (C&R).  Under the careful leadership of Cathy Smith, the PC/CARE flower arrangers use these beautiful flowers to provide small bouquets for each dining table. They brighten the day for those who are confined to long-term care.

That’s just one of the many good things we are fortunate to have here at Panorama.  Thanks to the flower growers and arrangers for bringing a tiny bit of Panorama’s beauty to our C & R Residents.

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2 thoughts on “A Resident’s Perspective – Look Up and See the Flowers

  1. Nice observation, Bob. It is a lovely place. Just wanted to comment that the picture was taken some time back, as Cathy has raised a multitude of different flowers in those beds , making it much more interesting than the picture would lead one to think. The green grass makes me think it was taken in early spring…not after our scorching summer days that have crisped our NW green to golden brown.

  2. Hi Sally, Bob wanted to include a more recent photo that he took of the garden but for some reason we can’t get that photo to upload. The photo shown here is in fact outdated. I believe it was taken at the dedication of the Garden building remodel. – Jacklynn

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