A Resident’s Perspective – Love & Community in the Aftermath of the Orlando Shooting

Written by Panorama resident, Mike Turner. June 2016

Flag Flies at Half Staff for Orlando_June  2016Like everyone else around the world I was shocked, angry and numbed by the violent events at the Pulse nightclub in Orlando. It is hard at times like this to know what to do, what to say…

Though everyone is touched by such events it hits a little harder and closer to home when the group that is being targeted is one you belong to.

Once again I have to congratulate and thank the residents and executives of Panorama for again doing the right things. My husband Jay and I received numerous emails and personal comments of comfort from friends and neighbors who wanted to express their concern and sorrow.  They were much appreciated.

President Obama ordered that all federal buildings and embassies around the world  lower the American flag in honor and respect for those who died or were injured in Orlando. I was so glad to see that the American flags here at Panorama were also lowered.  They didn’t have to be, the order was for government buildings only.  Mr. Di Santo made the decision to lower the Panorama flags as well.  I went to his office and thanked him for the heartfelt and deeply appreciated gesture.  His response was a simple “of course we did”.  A simple, noble and appreciated response.

I have said it and written it over and over again about how special and caring everyone here at Panorama is. This was another on my list of why we enjoy our life here.  People care and are not afraid to show it.

Though terrible situations like this happen and are difficult to stop, it is always nice to know that when/if they do, you have an entire community that comes to your aid in words and deeds. And sometimes that is all you need to get through your sorrow and pain.

Thank you Panorama!

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8 thoughts on “A Resident’s Perspective – Love & Community in the Aftermath of the Orlando Shooting

  1. We are so fortunate to have you as our neighbors. You have enriched our lives thru all the ways you volunteer for activities here Thank you for being here. Luba

  2. Thank you for the wonderful blog. I was so happy to see the Love response on tonight’s news from the people of Orlando.

  3. Thank you, Mike. My husband and I have lived in Panorama for a total of 9 days! For the past three months that we have waited for our house to be ready, we have made several visits to our new neighborhood. In those visits, there was never a time that we didn’t meet several residents all claiming the goodness and beauty in Panorama. Your post just reinforces what we have heard. We look forward to meeting you and Jay around the hood!

    Dick and Diane Koeb

  4. Well said, Mike, and such an awful thing to be dealing with. I will not be surprised if this doesn’t limit many activities where many congregate…sadly “they” are winning…assault rifles have changed our daily lives, and can’t imagine how they keep affecting so many of any walk of life. Hearts and hugs with you…S and G

  5. Articulate and heartfelt as always Mike. I’m proud and pleased to know you and Jay.

  6. Dear Mike and Jay – Thank you for the comments. I think of you two great guys as wonderful neighbors, interesting – (and witty) friends. And, one other thing: if I found myself in”dire straits” (where ARE those straits, anyway?) I wouldn’t hesitate to ring
    you and ask for help. Lucky us – to have you here. my best as ever – – ff

  7. You and Jay have both been on my heart during this horrendous experience. You both contribute so much good stuff to Panorama! Would that the rest of the world had the same attitudes that we take for granted here in this close community.
    Thanks for the blog.

  8. I’m glad I found this message tonight; I too feel it reinforces the sense of community and openness that I have found here in your neighborhood. Today’s friendly gathering at he barbeque on our loop left us all feeling warm and fuzzy, and I’m looking forward to getting to know you and Jay better.

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