A Resident’s Perspective – Make Your Own Celebrations in Life

 Written by Panorama resident, Sandy Bush. January 2016

It was with interest that I read the recent blog by Deb.  As the New Year gets a foothold on our lives and the days start to lengthen, we often think about resolutions and such.

What happens when you move to this new community and living arrangement, away from your previous one? If you’ve lived locally for years and years, the transition is quite easy. It is another story if you are moving from another state or clear across the country. The couple she spoke of resonated with me. We have no children to wonder if we were nuts moving to “an old folks home”. But we did have many neighbors that felt it was way too early and we were way too young (70 and 76 at the time).

The move is less traumatic when you are able and of clear mind. We all know how awful the moving process is, no matter how organized you might be. Decisions on keeping/tossing must be made and figuring where to put what you’ve kept can be a tough one.

However, now being here three years, we are so very grateful for our forward thinking and “early” settling. You leave many friends but internet keeps you close. And the wealth of friends to be found here at Panorama, in many walks and stages of life, is staggering.

The activities and opportunities for learning and keeping healthy and active are too many to outline. It makes sense to be able to avail yourself of these activities before you become mobility impaired. But how comforting is it to know that when mobility issues rear their ugly heads, you will have many, many options for making life work for you for years longer.

This brings me to maintaining rituals, celebrations, and habits that you enjoyed in your previous community. Life doesn’t change when you move to Panorama, it somehow blossoms. It widens as you learn of the new environment, wild life, and weather.

Eagle Overseeing Long Lake

Eagle Overseeing Long Lake

It puts quit to the old adage that “it always is gray and rains in the Northwest.” This old saw ignores the wonderful sunny breaks that become like jewels. And having experienced a rather too warm summer (for me), I have to laugh. We sweated and labored with the hikers when it was way hot and we discovered wonderful new parks and trails!!!!! The winter time is a time to get the reading done that gets put on hold when there are too many other options and activities.

But, being New Years, I must confess, after 14 years of joining like-minded crazy people plunging into the Pacific Ocean during the January 1st  Polar Bear Plunge, I was delighted to find that plunging happens in Lacey, as well. For three years I have braved the COLD out at Long Lake, only 2 miles from our home in Panorama, and joined usually 600 other souls in ringing in the New Year by getting too cold and wet!!! Not jumping off the pier, mind you, I am not THAT crazy, but wading and splashing, getting cold enough!

Polar Plunge 2016

The lake edges were frozen and chips of ice were amazing…

Polar Plunge 2016

and I kept up with my tradition…

So, keep some of your old patterns, they are a comfort. Bake your scones or the favorite biscotti recipe from a beloved previous neighbor, cook your favorite comfort foods….but be ready for new things to fill your time. Enjoy your particular neighborhood; they are all so very different!!!


And best of all, have a delightful 2016!!!!!!!

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