A Resident’s Perspective – More Changes than the Physical Plant

Written by Panorama resident, Sandy Bush. September 2015

I would like to add some things to the recent blogger’s comments on change. As we all know, nothing stays the same. However, I was very impressed to greet a new maintenance fellow at the door the other day. 

Good grief, he seemed out of uniform, the way we always know him. Here he was to change our smoke detector batteries and check our dryer vent. This is such a welcome service to not worry about things like this. 

Then I find out that he is only re-assigned temporarily while the restaurant remodel is afoot! He always graciously does our dark ale order filling in our Chambers Restaurant!! (And won’t real taps be wonderful in the newly-perhaps named restaurant?) Always a smile and warmly greeted. I appreciate Panorama offering other jobs to staff while they are temporarily shifted during change. 

So a treat as he took on some routine catch-ups for our Operations department. I am sure they enjoy the extra hands. What also impressed me was that he was aware that we have two cats…which I promptly shut into a room while he worked with the dryer. We have always felt coddled and when the fellow who changes our heat pump filter comes to do that, he always plays with one of our nosey cats. 

These are things that are priceless about our community at Panorama. Not such small things as we contemplate the world in disruption. Just a big kudos all round!!!

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