A Resident’s Perspective – My Arts Walk Experience

ShawsWritten by Panorama resident, Mary Jo Shaw. May 2015

When I think Panorama can’t get any better, they pull something else on us.  Well, they did again in May, when 300 guests and 300 residents attended our first annual Art Walk and tour of the campus, organized by Panorama and our Art Guild.

Chris and I arrived in our sage, Panorama Art Walk T-shirts to our assigned, white-skirted table with wooden easels made in the woodshop.  It was next to the grand piano I’d play as part of the Music Arts Division.

Chris’ framed scene of a tree on a hill in Rocky Mountain National Park was sketched with fine-point pens. So was my framed Fancy Fish Aquarium in Zentangle art-form. The larger of two fish was multi-sectioned—each filled with a different, intricate pattern.   A smaller identical fish—but colored, blending from light yellow to deep purple—was a cut-out mounted on the cardstock.  On the bottom of the scene were piles of ornate, tiny squiggles of aquarium-looking plants, shells, vines, and sand, illustrated with almost hair-thin pen points.

J.ShanowerWe were swarmed with excited visitors OH’s and AH’s who came to our table and other exhibits in the same large reception room of the skilled nursing facility.  There were demos of woven and twined baskets made primarily of bark.  A lady demonstrated functional baskets and sculptural art-work using fabric, water-colored paper, thread, paint and occasionally wire.  A resident-teacher was weaving exquisite coiled baskets with pine needles and waxed Irish linen thread.

At noon, Chambers Restaurant hosted a buffet of raw veggies and fruits, gourmet sandwiches, salads, and hearty soup amid the high volume of excited chatter.


C.BowersPanorama busses shuttled, or visitors walked in beautiful weather to the auditorium for theater scenes, artist profiles, then ice cream while listening to live stringed and brass music outdoors.

On to other areas, to view books by residents, metal and wood works, and fused glass jewelry.  Many strolled paradise in McGandy Park.

Visitors were also amazed with:

The Clay Arts Studio with artists at work

Demonstrations of hand-woven tapestry

Fabric art using hand-dyed and commercial cotton and silk fabric

Wood sculptures

Northwest Coast native style art–masks, rattles, bowls, flat art

Shadow boxes of unique found objects, images, fabric, fiber, trims

Acrylic, oil, watercolor, gouache paintings

Counted cross-stitch, and much more.

We are honored with two centenarian—artists:

*Russell Day, who mentored famous Dale Chihuly, whose “Glass Persians” hang over the large fireplace in Panorama Hall, and at our front entrance outdoors: the Icicle Tower.

*Cay Thomas, and her oil paintings, has encouraged and instructed many other residents in her 35 years as resident.

The next day, residents raved the success, quoting guests’ comments:

“You residents seem so happy.”

“I heard most residents say that one spouse wasn’t interested in moving, but glad they did.  Now I’m relieved.”

“The quality talent on Panorama campus is incredible.”

“I showed up early to fill out an application first thing.  I’ve been checking places—I’m ready!”

“Whenever I ask for cons about their choice, most say they wished they’d come sooner, and that Panorama just gets better and better.”

“My husband loves the wood and metal workshops.  I love that pool, art studio and many exercise rooms around the campus. I want to learn to weave.  So many choices!”

“My husband didn’t want to come today, but I made him.  He just now whispered to me, ‘Maybe we’d better get on the list!’” 

If you missed it this year, yep,—you missed!  Keep in touch.  Maybe we’ll see you next year.

P.S.  Wait ‘till you read what we’re doing every day in June!

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  1. Way to go, Mary Jo, you’ve captured what I tried to as an appreciator of Art and a resident for two years. You’ve hit all the comment I heard as we cruised around all the venues…nice job, girl!!!

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