A Resident’s Perspective – New Life in Spring

Written by Panorama resident, Bob Bowers. June 2016

Recently I exited the front door of our residence on 26th Court on my way to the mailbox.  As I came through the door a little junco flitted out of one of our hanging geranium baskets into a nearby bush.

I knew it was a junco because it flashed its white tail feathers at me as it left the nest. When I came back from mailing my letter I took the opportunity to peek into the vacant nest.  There before me was a little pale cream egg waiting for Mama to comeback.  Since that time Julia and I have been watching the nest to see that all is alright with the world there.  Mama still comes and goes and once in a while Papa seems to be around though we’ve not seen him doing any nest sitting.  One day as I came through the door and eyed the nest I saw a little beak open up in front of an obviously hungry throat.  My daily check today revealed not one, not two, but three little beaks waiting to be fed.  I got my camera and took some shots.  Bowes_June2016

We don’t have a mother bird to feed us whatever we need to keep us healthy, but we are well cared for. This has been an astonishing spring.  The greens have been greener.  The reds, purples, honey golds, pinks, and mauves have been spectacular.  It seems like people around the campus have been livelier as well.  The warm weather this afternoon tells me that summer is just around the corner.  Have fun folks, as you do what your fancy dictates in the next three months.  See you at the Fourth of July Picnic in McGandy Park.

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