A Resident’s Perspective – Newbies, Would-bes, and Boomers

Written by Panorama resident, Deb Ross. November 2015

 Panorama’s president Joe DiSanto noted, in his August 2015 report to the Resident Council: “The Baby Boomers have started moving in. They are the first generation to live their entire life with television, news as it happens, broadcast entertainment, commercials … They are the largest generation ever in the United States and have had a tremendous influence on society and politics.” With our generation come certain expectations and perceptions (and misperceptions!) about ourselves. I recently ran across a blog posted by Brian, a self-described “aging hippie,” who posted:

“Laurel and I don’t think ourselves as old, even though we’re 64 and 65. We damn sure don’t enjoy acting like we’re old. We dress as youthfully as Social Security recipients can get away with. We enjoy the MTV Video Music Awards. In short, we’re aging ex-hippies who still embrace the Flower Child dream.” 

Brian had received a DVD from Panorama and concluded from it that our community wouldn’t meet his expectations for a fun-filled, active, liberal-leaning — in short, youthful — life. Panorama is aware of the changing demographic of our community. A new DVD is being developed that will be updated and focus on some of the needs and expectations for folks like Brian, who are making up an increasing share of newcomers to our community. 

My husband and I also often hear versions of the following question: “Aren’t you awfully young to be moving to a retirement community?” Our friend Paula, roughly our age, put it this way: “Wow! I always thought of you as age 28, like me!” 

While acknowledging that Panorama may not be for everyone, it seemed to me there might be a call, from a newer resident’s perspective, to address some of these perceptions, misperceptions, and questions that our generation has, both inside and outside of Panorama. My next blog entry will present some information on who is moving to Panorama these days: average age, interests, why they decided to come here. 

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