A Resident’s Perspective – Now We Have Seasons

Written by Panorama resident, Sandy Bush. December 2014

Having lived in California from 1966 to 2013, I tried to convince my sister, forever in Wisconsin, that we DID have seasons there. Granted, we lived in pretty temperate places over our working years and then our first retirement years. The changes were oh, so subtle, but we always considered them seasons.

Well, if she were alive now, I would have to eat crow about that. With the early fall cold snap and a few days ago, light snow that disappeared in a few hours, I must say I am very delighted to be here in the South Puget Sound environment.

Coming soon to us all will be a bit longer days. I’ve not minded only 8 or so hours of daylight. Now that the deciduous trees have lost their leaves, there is much more light coming in our windows and the night lights are seen more easily.

Recently, while out attending Olympia Little Theater’s December play, we experienced a howling wind and rain storm. Most of the patrons came prepared with flashlights and the crew and actors all had them handy if the play was called due to lights out. But the power never wavered and it was a delightful evening with rain pelting down.

Panorama is somewhat protected from long sweeping expanses that allow wind to rush through. However, two more branches from our Doug Fir came down and were lying parallel to our house and the neighbors. A new ding in the eave trough is evident where they bounced off before hitting the ground. We wondered if we were being singled out!

The streets were littered with fir leavings and good that we were in our Jeep so we could drive right over the larger limbs. Olympia itself had many trucks out and chainsaws going kept streets open and the power on.

The wind that hit our loop neighborhood certainly tossed our patio furniture about. Bush PatioNever were the sounds of the blowers and sweepers and chainsaws so welcome! The grounds crew had the downed limbs in a pile at the edge of the street in no time, soon after it got light. You can become so very spoiled by all the effort put into keeping our little community neatened up.


We have become spoiled living here. We are enjoying the wonderful cloud build-ups, the rain, the snow, and the wonderful colors arrayed in the fall. Many things seem to bloom in our area in the winter. I know it is just short of December 21st as I write this with true winter ahead. More cold and rain and perhaps snow is in our future, but yesterday when we did our exercise climb to the top of the Quinault building in the north-most stairwell…the late afternoon view of Mt. Rainier with the low sun on it was amazing.

Mountain from QuinaultOf course we look forward to spring, but the walks around campus in the crisp air are wonderful. Even the fog that is forming some mornings is a soft experience. I hope if you can, you will get out and enjoy what we have here.

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