A Resident’s Perspective – Snow and the California Guy

Written by Panorama resident, Mike Turner           February 9th, 2014
Mike's First Snow

Being a native Californian, snow was something you “went to” and then “came home from” afterwards.  It was never something that was on your lawn, on the sidewalk, in the trees, something you had to think about before venturing off to Fred Meyer.  So I was really excited about my first “snow at home” experience.

My partner Jay and I just celebrated our first year here at Panorama.  We were “warned” by our friends and former Sea Ranch neighbors, none of whom by the way, had ever lived in Washington, to expect long cold winters, with constant rain, snow and ice.  Well last winter wasn’t so bad….did it rain?  Sure, but we didn’t need to get out the ark or even the kayak.  But it never snowed.  So I was thrilled this winter when we actually had some real snow that stuck around for awhile.

Now I will admit that I have not seen it snow that often.  So yes, I was on the porch watching it snow, going out in it and looking up to get the full experience and effect.  It was beautiful…..I loved it.  So where was Jay all this time.  Being a native of Wyoming, this snow thing was not quite as big a deal for him.  He stood at the door, with the screen closed, staring at me like he expected me to howl at the moon any second or perhaps, in a moment of madness, make a snow angel.  I still got a thrill out of it and hope that it comes again, which I imagine it will.

One last item.  Of course I had to take pictures of it to commemorate our first snow at our new home and to send to friends and relatives back in California.  Now I thought I would be the only one out there snapping away and being talked about behind closed doors “Look at Mike, he acts like he’s never seen snow before.”  That would have been fine with me but what I saw was not only the beauty that snow can make of a landscape but a whole bunch of my neighbors, all long time Washingtonians, out there as well taking pictures.  I guess even those hard core natives recognize and want to capture the beauty that is Panorama when Mother Nature adds some white.


Mike Turner



2 thoughts on “A Resident’s Perspective – Snow and the California Guy

  1. Mike, since I grew up in North Dakota, I took my pictures of the recent snow from INSIDE my unit. Through the window worked just fine for show and tell with my California friends.

  2. Currently living in Alaska, this looks like a minor dusting. Will not mind this occasional happening there when we move there in the near future. Great photo!

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