A Resident’s Perspective – Spring is Here!

Written by Panorama resident, Judy Murphy. March 2016

Spring is here, and the Panorama Pea Patch is ready for action! During January and February, Panorama’s Grounds Department installed all new irrigation pipes and individual faucets for each garden plot.  The heat of last summer raised concerns about water usage and leaks, and reminded us that our water supply, from Panorama’s Chalet well, could be in jeopardy if we did not implement more efficient irrigation of our gardens.  The new irrigation system ensures that no water is leaking beneath the ground and the replacement of old faucets will add to our efficiency.  The Pea Patch will be holding informational programs to help gardeners become more familiar with irrigation systems and better understand how much water their plants need.

Panorama Pea PatchIn addition, the Grounds Department leveled the pathways between the plots, which over the years had become uneven and hazardous to navigate. The pathways were dug up, leveled, and grass replaced.  New sod was planted and sand added to aid the grass in filling in where it was sparse.  The paths are now much safer for gardeners to walk on and do their work.

All of this was done while it seemed the rain never stopped, adding extra challenges to the project. After the work was completed, the Pea Patch Irrigation Updatedriveway into the RV Park and Pea Patch was graded and re-graveled.  The Pea Patch gardeners (more than 80 of us!) are very appreciative of all the work that was done, and we are chomping at the bit to begin our preparations for planting.  It’s a whole new world, and come late June we will welcome residents to Friday Share, where everyone can enjoy the fruits of our labors!  Thank you, Panorama!

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