A Resident’s Perspective: Thankful for Those Who Live Around Us

Written by Panorama resident, Bob Bowers. February 2016

Within the last month three women died whom I considered to be friends.  Each in their own way contributed richly to this campus.  Each was a quiet and unassuming person who left an indelible mark across the face of Panorama.

You probably have seen Arra Browning riding her three-wheel recumbent bicycle on the campus streets or on the Chehalis Trail.  She and her husband moved to the campus in 2002 taking up residence in a lakeside home on Chambers Lake Drive.  Arra was committed to making life better for all of us by focusing her energy upon things ecological and especially recycling.  In her quiet way she got others involved. She was an enthusiast for the Green Team’s efforts.  She served on the Resident Council and worked with the Foundation. She was also one who made the atmosphere around her alive.  I will never forget her ready smile.

Sydell Friedman and her husband moved to the same lakeshore in 2002 just down the street from Arra.  They immediately became active in many aspects of campus life.  They were involved in the Foundation’s work in building the Auditorium.  Sydell participated in the Drama Group that was the precursor to all the many varieties of reading, speaking and drama we currently have.  She was active in the TV operation for years. Sydell also was a Resident Council member.

Finally, Mary Jo Hinkel and her husband George moved into Holladay Park in 2004.  I knew her when she was on Resident Council, but she showed up in many other places around Panorama, particularly the Benevolent Fund Board and the Patio Sale book venue. She was active with the Auditorium once it came on line.  Her quick smile and infectious laugh always added to Panorama’s atmosphere.

Panorama is full of women and men who have left their mark upon Panorama life. I’ve lived here going on 16 years and I can tell you that we should be eternally grateful to the residents who have gone before us and those that live around us.  They have quietly given an on-going transformative energy that by its presence makes Panorama a place with vitality and life. That’s what makes this a great place to be as we age. Thanks to all the Arras, Sydells and Mary Jos that are out there.

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  1. Thank you for this lovely tribute, Bob. They were indeed special people, like so many others here at Panorama.

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