A Resident’s Perspective – The Bench Surprise

Earth Day was celebrated at Panorama recently with the dedication of three new Sequoias, planted in McGandy Park.  Following that was a French film, “The Fox and The Child,” sponsored by the Green Team and shown in the auditorium.

The dedication was heralded with words from our soon-to-be-retired CEO, Joe DiSanto. Further words and thoughts were provided by the Green Team’s Don M. Following both, were poems read by one of our thespians, Mike T. finishing with a wise Chinese proverb, “The best time to plant a tree was 20 years ago. The next best time is now.”

The first loamSome expected the trees to be mere 5 gallon starters, but no, Panorama in its true caring fashion, planted 15-18 foot Sequoia starts. Shovelfuls of rich loam were available to shovel around the tree closest to the gathering marquee. Our CEO initially got to add loam and then all who wished could add a spade full.

The gathering was wonderfully accompanied by ethereal harps being played under the tall, tall trees in McGandy Park. Harps, trees and forests seem to be linked back through the ages.

The film at our auditorium was visually lovely regarding a 10 year old’s venture into watching and then befriending a fox in her wild environs. It came with many messages on this year’s Earth Day. While the film worked as an allegory, I know many of us in our youth and even in our later years have loved the thought of a “friendly” wild being.  The outcomes of such activities often lead to disaster for the animal/bird, or whatever. It really was a nice treatise on what makes wild things so intriguing to us. We all must remember that human interventions, even if caring ones, do have repercussions.

But, for me, the special part of the proceedings came when I arrived early and found the bench, in all its glory, positioned near the harp array. Expecting a bench, what I found was a lovely work of art, really. The wavy width of the seat and the knotholes showed the wood grain. The very special part for me was the upper back of the bench which had been scalloped out, almost like the historic wood carvers using adzes. It reminded me of fish scaling and our water environment here in the northwest.

Sequoia Bench

When I find where it will finally reside, you will find me sitting there.

Earth Day, on many fronts, was celebrated by the Green Team and Panorama in lovely fashion. We can be proud of the philosophy of our Continuing Care Retirement Community, being good stewards of what our earth has to share.

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  1. Nice article Sandy. I didn’t even know about that bench. It’s beautiful.

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