A Resident’s Perspective – The Pets Among Us

Written by Panorama resident, Sandy Bush. October 2014

Panorama CCRC is very understanding of the furry portions of our families. The recent quarterly issue of the Pet Partners Gazette (published quarterly by pet fanciers) sported an interview I did about our cats.

When choosing Panorama, it was important to us to be able to bring “our girls” along with us. These are two rescue tabby cats, aged 9 and 10 now.  They made the trip last year, perhaps better than we did, when we moved up here with two cars and two cats. Cats define stoicism.

sBush_blogpic_Oct14 When walking about the campus and outer neighborhoods, we always enjoy seeing the dogs that get regular walk time by their folks. They are truly ice breakers in meeting people. I’ve always enjoyed dogs, but never have had one in my care. There are limitations (size and numbers) of animals allowed here at Panorama, but the wonderful mix of dogs that march along our paths and streets is always fun to watch. The dog park is also a boon to those who want to let the dogs run free.

 Cats, up to two, are sequestered in our homes or apartments. This really is the best plan for helping our environment and saving our song birds. We know how spoiled they get indoors! Perching places afford views of squirrels, birds and the odd moving leaf, always a fun thing. We don’t always get to see these lovely things, so thought I’d include our two at leisure on the futon. (I really AM a Seahawk fan but can’t give up my nostalgic Green Bay Packers!)

Articles on aging well have often stressed the added benefit of an animal in the home. Animals need caring for and often keep quiet folks from becoming recluses and disconnected from the rest of the community.  Pets are reasons to make an effort and get up into the day.

Having said all this, it is also important to have a back-up plan should animal care get complicated or impossible. Many of us travel and need friends, neighbors, or “walkies” people to mind our little ones until we get back. Illness or injury can also make it rough to care for some of our animal friends. Pet Partners has “green” refrigerator plastic bags for particulars regarding your pet should an emergency necessitate help with pets. You can get them from Carol Van Nuys as listed in the Resident’s Manual.

Now that fall is here, it is added fun in seeing the little ones marching about in their finery and sometimes boots! They add life to our paths and our lives.

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