A Resident’s Perspective – The Promises of Spring

Written by Panorama resident, Bob Bowers, on February 27th, 2014.

As I jot down these thoughts March  is breathing down  our necks.  How can  it be March already? A few more days and  Spring will be ushered in by blossoming flowers all over the campus.  I saw a couple of jonquils and a crocus in bloom on my stroll home from the Aquatic Center this morning.  I have to admit to a fondness for March and Spring .  My fondness for March and Spring comes because they bring promises:

  • The promise of warmer weather
  • The promise of a campus bursting with color
  • The promise of more colorful sunrises and sunsets
  • The promise of my own life—in just 23 days I’ll have made it another year and will have only 365 days to go to make it to 80—80!  Yes, I know, many will say that’s young!

I hope you experience a few good promises yourself.  Life is full of them you  know. Enjoy and make the most of those that come your way.

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