A Resident’s Perspective – The Smartest Decision in Our Retirement? – Part 2

Written by Panorama resident, Mary Jo, on February 18th, 2014.

Rachel Dobry, in marketing, was patient and understanding about the hesitancy of Chris (my husband) to visit and tour Panorama.  (See my first blog written in February, 2014.)  She assured me it was normal that one of the spouses wasn’t as eager as the other to move to a retirement center.  We’d e-mail easily, or talk by phone when Chris wasn’t around.  She answered any questions about activities, meals, transportation, housing and prices and was never “pushy,” which I especially appreciated.

I gathered info and studied nuances of every possible, affordable retirement facility for us that was online in Lacey and Olympia.  I filed all packets and brochures they sent us, highlighting statistics.  Even made my own “in-a-nut-shell” large chart comparing at a “glance” the pros and cons of all potential residences.  But each had its drawbacks.

In January, 2011, Melody and John (who kept going to Lacey for job interviews, hoping to move out of Las Vegas, per my 1st   blog) did visit retirement places we might be interested in if we could swing the finances.  But I still thought we’d run out of money at each of those places…over $4,000 for a couple each month!

“Mom, Dad, you don’t want to go ANYWHERE EXCEPT PANORAMA.  No place begins to compare with Panorama.  Not only are the grounds and buildings beautiful, they have so many activities and much more to offer.  Residents seem much happier and friendlier than the other places.  Residents are walking around on the grounds, in and out of the buildings.  Even the employees are happy.  The new Convalescent/Rehab Center doesn’t look like a nursing home or hospital…wide halls.  Bright. Squeaky clean.  Lovely carpeting.  Cheerful and friendly.  And a beautiful piano, Mom! Not a single odor like some places we visited.  Dad, you like to walk.  They have a gorgeous park with fantastic mature trees. We asked tons of questions for you.  Ya’ll have to go up with us when we go back in March.  We took lots of pictures and videos.  Can’t wait to show you, Mom!”

They were exciting.  We saw pictures of other places they visited, too.

Rachel had sent us an informative packet and super DVD that answered more questions and had interviews of about ten couples/singles. On it, I looked out the windows of residents’ homes, saw the game room and restaurant.  I observed the home of residents, Jean and David H., and admired the beautiful items he’d made in Panorama’s woodworking shop. Chris watched it a few times, but I watched it often when he wasn’t home and made new lists for Rachel to answer!

Gotta find out in a few weeks about our visit with a surprise!

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