A Resident’s Perspective – Things That Go Bump in the Night

Written by Panorama resident, Sandy Bush. November 2014

October is behind us as we march into the storm time. We were rudely awakened at 2 AM in mid-October by a horrendous bang. The first thought, as always, was “what are those two cats up to now?”  Nothing inside the house was out of place, like a book shelf unit on the floor or something else tipped over. The two cats were sitting in the hall looking at us as we turned on all the lights, disturbing their sleep.

While drifting to sleep I kept hearing pine cones off the Doug fir between us and the neighbors landing on our roof and rolling off. The house is so well insulated and sealed at windows and doors that it wasn’t until looking into the black night that we saw much debris down in the street and the wind howling.

A walk around the house in slippers and robe and flashlight found a large limb from the Douglas fir tree down, piercing the roof like a mis-directed javelin. The roof shingles were pried up as it went over on its side to lie on the roof. It hadn’t started raining yet and we must have had a brain-fade to not call Security. We simply climbed back in bed after looking in the room below the pierce.

Bush_Blog Photo_Tree A call at 8 AM to reception was routed to maintenance and it wasn’t long in the pouring down rain that two of our great operations guys showed up. They looked over the situation and decided to leave the tree branch in situ, as it were, to block any rain while they went for some sheet metal and shingles. By 9 AM, the limb was out and sawed off. The sheet metal slipped under the shingles to cover the hole and some new shingles applied to divert the rain down to the gutters.

As we were thanking the fellows for the quick response, one said, “Always call security no matter what time!” There are maintenance people on for fixes that occur in an urgent manner at all hours, including 3 AM!!! The paint crew has come in to fix the cracks and small hole in ceiling of the guest bathroom, which sported a Band-Aid! No water has leaked into our home. We are just very thankful!

Bush_Blog Photo_BandaidThis was our first experience with an emergent issue here in our new community and we are very impressed. Tired of fixing nasty things that happen to a house, we found this feature of Panorama living to be very high on our list of what we wanted in a retirement home.

So, let the storms come. We will take the wind with it, of course. It happens only rarely. We still love that towering tree; it was a major draw when we moved out of a flat and weedy meadow. The cats love the rain, but are very uneasy when it blows outside. That must have been the reason they were up in the hall when we went to find the problem. They are usually tucked in on our bed. We can enjoy the rain and green we so missed in our last community. However, here came the cold!!! Even before official winter!

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