A Resident’s Perspective – Thoughts in February

Written by Panorama resident, Sandy Bush. February 2016

As we prepare to exit winter and head into spring, I had a few thoughts about moving forward. We have had the State of the Union address on the National level; Governor Inslee has delivered the State of the State message. The State of our Panorama community was recently presented at my District One meeting. What was special was how many from District One attended. It was wonderful to see so many new faces to put with the names read off by the District One, A, B and C, representatives.

These very useful meetings keep all of us apprised of how our administration is handling the changing demographics and economic environment we all find ourselves in.

There was information shared which helped to put rumors, that often run wild, in perspective. The CEO, CFO, Operations and Security speakers bringing information to us imparted it clearly and well thought out. Questions were answered, some that were sent prior to the gathering, and many from the floor.

The numbers of new builds, re-builds, remodels and upgrades were amazing and certainly show us all that we haven’t just imagined our roads full of big equipment. The air is full of activity with many awaiting homes and living units. It really is good to see, if not always to hear.

Meanwhile, spring is happening!!!

Spring crocus

The big trees that have lived past their viable ages are being replaced at a wonderful ratio, not one for one. Many more are planted for the few lost. This is a contrast to the many felled trees that happened in neighboring Lacey itself with a new developer/owner in the Woodland Square Loop area. That issue is still being discussed for mitigation by city planners.

It is interesting to think of Panorama as being 50 years old. We all helped celebrate that milestone last year. How very fortunate we are to live in a non-profit situation where moneys go into the infrastructure to keep our “home” community vibrant.

Each district has its own meeting with specific information for those residents, but anyone can go to any of the meetings if you miss your own particular one. Since moving here three years ago, I am continually thankful for the availability of information affecting us, as well as administrative folks who are willing to take time to hear our concerns.

Besides getting our SARA buttons batteries changed, and hearing from our administrative staff, it is wonderful to make contact with neighbors we don’t always see because of our widely divergent interests.  We are in good hands and while moving forward can be noisy, we ARE moving forward. We will be ready for some younger “whippersnappers” who will be/are joining us here at Panorama.

…And how about those crocuses busting out all over??????

Spring Crocus

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