A Resident’s Perspective – Thoughts on Rain

Written by Panorama resident, Sandy Bush, on March 17th, 2014.

“It always rains in the Northwest” was the comment that friends sent us off to Panorama with. We will have been here a year come May. The wonderfully kept secret of weather issues is amazing. This statement comes after a night of rain starting at about 1 AM .  It really rained!!! The street gutters had accumulated water when we got up.

However, by 9:15 AM the sun came out. Having been a couple of “weather nuts,” we have followed weather maps, and radar returns since 1966. We are finding a fun reality of weather in the Panorama area of the Northwest.

Panorama and Lacey are communities situated between mountainous areas. The Olympics scrape a lot of rain off before we even see it here. Then the storms coming from the East and down from Canada often spend their water content before getting here. The storms that come up from the south or southwest are the ones that carry the moisture. Locals and long time residents say this has been an unusual year and not so wet as some. It may be different in subsequent years.

The storm events here, when there have been days of rain, are nothing like the horrendous pulses we got in Northern California with ripping winds and erosion and flash flooding. Those came between long time spans with no precipitation and so were doubly hard on the land mass.

What we so enjoy here is the rain that falls at night and by mid- to late-morning when we are done with home chores and venturing out, we often don’t even need the old bumbershoot!!! Squalls happen and then they clear. Another observation of a friend here spoke of vertical rain here. The wind-driven horizontal or slanted rain there could be horrendous. Rain here almost becomes a non-event.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAWhat do we get from all this? The lovely green-ness that is so much more pleasing than the dried, parched land for 6-8 months in the land to the south. We aren’t necessarily telling everyone that Seattle and Bellingham weather isn’t Panorama weather, but we chuckle often when asked, “are you in hip boots yet?”

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2 thoughts on “A Resident’s Perspective – Thoughts on Rain

  1. Thank you for your thoughts. My mother retired @ PC when she was 65. She passed away Sept. 2013 @ age 97. I often visited her @ PC over the 30 years; not working myself for health reasons since age 29, I had time for long stays.
    Now my husband, age 67, and I are looking for our retirement home.I’ve lived in Canada more than ½ my life where we have gov’t supported medical care. That and US politics are the only reasons I am hesitant to consider PC. But I appreciate PC, and am glad that my mother and step-father enjoyed their lives there.
    If we hadn’t heard of the problems of Obama care, we’d have considered it more. Who knows whether or not it will be repealed in the years to come?

  2. Thank you, Michelle, for your comment. So glad to hear that your mother enjoyed 30 years with us! If ever you would like some information for yourself, please let us know!

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