A Wonderful Weekend of Oregon’s Waterfalls and Gardens

Our neighbor to the south is home to many breathtaking locations. Last week, 18 Panorama residents embarked on a 4 day trip aimed at exploration of Oregon’s majesty.

Crystal Springs Rhododendron GardensThe trip began with a tour of the Crystal Springs Rhododendron Gardens, located in Portland, OR. The group then continued on to their lodging destination, the Oregon Garden Resort in Silverton.





Mt Angel Abbey ViewBefore enjoying a lovely dinner in Mt. Angel, residents stopped for a scenic stroll near Mt. Angel Abbey, overlooking the Silverton Valley.  Day two featured a walk along the Willamette River and a tour of the Oregon Gardens. Independently, residents indulged in a variety of activities throughout the day, including facials, massages, relaxation time in the gardens, and a visit to the local art gallery or Seven Bridges Tap Room for tasting.




The Grotto The third day included a trip to Silver Falls for some spectacular views and a bit of hiking finished with cocktail hour, dinner, and live music. On their way out, the group visited the beautiful and serene, Grotto Gardens of Portland.

What a wonderfully relaxing and enjoyable excursion! One resident called it a “masterful blend of walking, hiking, sight-seeing, and history.”

2 thoughts on “A Wonderful Weekend of Oregon’s Waterfalls and Gardens

  1. Our Director of Lifestyle Enrichment received this response from one resident who enjoyed the trip…

    “I know that I would not be doing these type of great outdoor activities if I did not live here. I am single and it is pretty hard to have these kind of experiences alone. Traveling and hiking with your neighbors, sharing laughs, encouragement and breaking bread together, well it does not get any better. We came home knowing each other better. I came back feeling high on a wonderful experience that is healthful and made me happy. I saw lovely gardens, many birds, learned about the history of Silver Falls and Silverton and the other special places between here and there.

    It is my hope that we will have more opportunities to get out, explore and discover places that we would not get a chance to if we did not live at Panorama. It is great exercise of the body, mind and soul to get out and do these types of trips.

    Thank you for your hard work on this, it was another great experience. Sincerely, a happy camper, Jan “

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