Active Retirement – Lights, Camera, Action!

Have you ever produced a television show? How about operated three cameras at once? Well, Panorama residents are doing just that.

One of our many exciting resident organizations is the Panorama television crew. That’s right; broadcasting daily all throughout campus is our very own closed-circuit television station, PCTV.

Studio FloorPCTV is managed entirely by residents with support from the local Thurston Community Television, TCTV. They produce a variety of shows and special programs for residents all over campus to enjoy. Programs include: “Meet Your Neighbor”, a talk show style program that features individual resident interviews, and “Inside Panorama”, which delves into the inner workings of campus departments and programs.  PCTV also broadcasts events that happen on campus, such as Resident Council meetings and performances in the auditorium for those of us who couldn’t make it.

So what goes on behind the scenes?


Control RoomWith the direction of a TCTV consultant, residents manage lighting, sound effects, and camera operation. The PCTV studio consists of a studio floor, where the action takes place, and the control room, where the magic happens.

Let’s take an episode of “Meet Your Neighbor” for example. We have the resident being interviewed, the resident conducting the interview, and the resident director positioned on the studio floor with cameras and lighting. Inside the control room, we have three resident crew members, a camera operator, switcher, and audio controller.


Camera OperatorThe camera operator controls the positioning and movement of all three cameras on the studio floor, while the switcher manages which shots are on screen, as well as the special effects and graphics. The audio mixer controls the volume of each microphone in the studio.  Together, they coordinate each function into the creation of a final product as we see it on our television.

Most of the crew members have no prior experience in production although some have been with PCTV from the beginning.  Our top PCTV veteran is Sydell, who has been making TV magic for fellow residents since 2002.

It’s easy to see the production process is something residents thoroughly enjoy as they work to master their particular part in the PCTV machine.



SwitcherAudio Controller

PCTV Control Room

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