Active Retirement – A Yoga Program That Fits Everyone

Yoga InstructorIt’s been said before how extensive our list of groups and activities at Panorama has become. Looking at the popular Yoga program, it’s easy to see that this list just keeps on growing!

Thanks to three talented instructors and our beautiful fitness center, Panorama residents have the opportunity to participate in a number of yoga classes happening right here on campus.

We have three teachers, all Panorama residents and certified yoga instructors, who offer a variety of class types for all skill levels throughout the week.

As our resident population varies in physical ability, it is important to consider accommodations for all levels of physical activity. The first question our fitness coordinator will ask a resident who is interested in yoga class is “Can you get up from the floor without assistance?” Each person’s physical ability and their desired focus designate which class will fit best. Although these classes differ from each other, the basis of yoga practice on which they are founded is bringing awareness to our bodies and serenity to our souls.

Chair Yoga, taught by Connie on Monday and Jean on Wednesday, is a class for those of us who are less comfortable getting up from the floor. ¾ of the class involves movements and stretches that are practiced while seated. The remaining ¼ of the class is performed while holding onto a chair for balance.

Yoga 1Yoga I is a beginner’s introduction to yoga. Designated for people with moderate to strong physical ability, this class allows for extra support options as needed. It’s taught on Tuesday and Thursday afternoons by Jean. The focus of this is relaxation of all muscles. We begin with pre yoga traction and focused breathing, filling the lungs with life-giving breath. Then, we move throughout the body, isolating our focus on individual muscle areas, including the eyes.

“We try to move everything that’s supposed to move.”

We continue on, opening the chest, stretching shoulders, wrists, ankles, fingers, and toes, calming the spirit and the breath.

“We are as young as our spines are flexible.”

Active Retirement Yoga

Yoga II, taught by Connie on Tuesday and Thursday mornings, is for more experienced residents with strong physical ability. This class focuses on basic yoga practices, uniting the body, mind and spirit.

Laughter Yoga is a unique class that is centered on yogic breathing and the physical activity of laughter as a tremendously efficient way to release tension. It does not require a sense of humor, nor do you need a reason to laugh, but it will leave you feeling the psychological and physiological benefits of laughter. It’s hard to describe unless you’ve been there so this is one we recommend trying for yourself.

Moving Meditation is taught by Charles on Tuesday and Thursday afternoons. With the use of fluid yoga movement and breathing exercises, this practice focuses on self-awareness, stress reduction, and balance improvement.

Active Retirement YogaMindfulness Meditation involves meditation through guided sitting and walking. This class meets on Thursday afternoons, with the occasional half-day retreats that include instructive dharma talks.

The Yoga and Meditation Sangha gather together each quarter for a social event that cultivates the supportive yoga and meditation community.

Living Well Workshops are offered quarterly. Some upcoming workshops, for example, include “The Relationship Between Yoga, Fitness, and Aging” and “Yoga and Osteoporosis.”

This yoga program has grown tremendously over the years and shows promise for continued growth. We are lucky to have such dedicated instructors who provide these outstanding wellness options!


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