Active Retirement – Resident Political Groups at Panorama

Panorama AuditoriumWith a population of approximately 1,200, Panorama is diverse in many ways. Over the years, residents have come together, based on common interests, and created a myriad of clubs and organizations. Two of these groups are the Panorama Republicans and the Democratic Study Group. They each meet on a monthly basis, most often inviting guest speakers to present on varying topics.

This month, the Panorama Republicans have invited Mr. Zeke Lyen, Chair of the Thurston County Republican Party. Mr. Lyen will be sharing his plans and thoughts for the county republican organization.

State Legislative District 22 Senator Karen Fraser, Representative Sam Hunt, and Representative Chris Reykdal have been invited to the upcoming Democratic Study Group forum. They will be reviewing the successes and failures of the 2013 State Legislature. This forum is open to the general public. Tuesday, June 11th at 1:30 pm in the Panorama Auditorium.

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