Annual Panorama Flower Show

The Panorama Resident Council presented the 42nd Annual Flower Show on Saturday, June 11th and Sunday, June 12th. Residents, employees, and the general public walked through the Chalet Courtyard to view the exhibits of plants nurtured by resident participants. Along with the beautiful displays of bonsai trees, orchids, African violets, and miniatures, there was an exhibit of native weeds, as well as a section of arrangements donated in memory of past loved ones. There was also a wide array of large and beautiful arrangements donated by local nurseries and business owners that were given away to the lucky door prize winners.

Beautiful orchid featured at the Panorama Flower Show

Outside the Chalet Courtyard, members from the surrounding communities gathered for a guided tour around campus to see the largest residential arboretum in Washington state. There were two tours offered on the afternoon of the 11th and both of them attracted a larger crowd than expected. Attendees were given booklets that feature color photos and descriptions of the plethora of shrubs and trees growing on Panorama campus.

It was an afternoon filled with enjoyment and education focusing on the beauty of nature that surrounds us here at Panorama.

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