Armchair Traveler: Alaska

Yesterday’s Armchair Traveler had audiences in awe, feeling up close and personal with the Kodiak and brown bears of Alaska. The resident presenters first visited Alaska in 2004 and have since returned on 3 separate occasions; most recently in 2012. They shared the memories and photographs of these trips to Ketchikan, Glacier Bay, Sitka, Denali and Kodiak where they saw Mt. McGinley, Lake Clark National Park, the surprisingly gorgeous fall colors, and lots of bears.

IMG_1276IMG_1279IMG_1287IMG_1290IMG_1286 Armchair Traveler is a monthly series held in the Panorama Auditorium that features residents who have been to interesting places. Residents who are comfortable sharing their pictures, memories, and stories are invited to present for the enjoyment of their fellow Panorama residents.


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