Armchair Traveler: The Northwest Passage and Greenland

NW Passage and GreenlandHow many people can say they’ve traveled along the Northwest Passage and stepped foot in Greenland?

Polar BearVerl, a Panorama resident since 1992, has done just that. In fact, he’s taken that trip several times, most recently in September of 2012.

UpernavikWhat an exotic trip. That’s what Armchair Traveler is all about; the opportunity for the well-traveled to open the eyes of their fellow residents, sharing pictures and stories of their remarkable experiences.

NW Passage and GreenlandVerl’s presentation of his trip took us on a journey from Kugluktuk, Canada to Kangerlussuaq, Greenland. Along the way he saw polar bears, narwhals and ivory gulls. He explored Beechey Island, a site of significance in the history of Arctic exploration, and experienced the feeling of less than 3 degrees Fahrenheit.

Verl also saw walruses and played a game of soccer in the town of Upernavik, Greenland. He said it was the men from the cruise ship versus the local town’s men.

Leaving us with his closing thought, Verl recalled:

“The Arctic seemed vast, cold, and empty to us. Yet, when we stepped onto the land we turned our attention to the living.”

Not as dismal as some might expect.


Stay tuned for more Armchair Travel. Next month we go to Haiti with a husband and wife who have close ties with the native people.

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