Best Decision in Our Retirement – Extra Day in My Life

Written by Panorama resident, Mary Jo Shaw. January 2015

I wrote this to my friend Patricia here at Panorama on Jan. 2, 2015.  In the letter, Verl is the 87 year-old man I sponsored in 2014 to become a Catholic:

Hi, Patricia.

You won’t believe.  I got up early at 7 this morning to wash my hair, put on a nice pull-over sweater for church tonight and had to leave the message for Verl to pick me up for church.  He called back late this afternoon and insisted it was Friday, not Saturday.  I began to feel sorry for him—he must be losing it.  I looked at my calendar, and it said Friday.  Poor Verl!

I started to call Elaine to take me tomorrow for Sunday Mass.  But then I began to ask myself whether I was wrong.  I rechecked the calendar.  Yes, it said Friday.  But how did I know I was looking at the right square?  I had my DO-LIST with Saturday written at the top.

AHA!  My computer would tell me.  I melted.  I had lost it and needed to go find myself.  But where do I go?—and should I go Friday or Saturday?  I still can’t believe that yesterday was New Year’s Day.  Verl was right.  It is Friday.


I practiced piano for a new DVD for Panorama TV, then plopped into my recliner by my patio door with my laptop.  I had that extra day to work on my book My Life Stories.

I glanced outside–it was dark.

You asked how my day was.  Go figure.  Let me know whether it was a good one.  Gaining an extra day is always good.  I discovered it for myself, and hope I get another one…SOON!

My new year has started out great!

Mary Jo

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