Did You Hear What Happened to the Barn?

Written by Panorama resident, Dale Vincent. August 2016

Well, I’ll tell you this….it’s not the Barn anymore. No siree! If you go around asking people about “The Barn” you may just get a blank stare!

That’s because it has a new name. It is no longer, “The Barn”. Nope.

It is now “The Stiles-Beach Barn”. Or, if that is just a little too long to say easily and all the time, perhaps you could just say, “I’m going to the Stiles-Beach”. That has a nice ring to it.  Sort of like being on vacation, or something. Yes! I’m going to the Stiles-Beach. Kind of makes you think of palm trees, and surf with warm sun on the sand.

What really happened? Well, Diane Stiles and Jo Love Beach retired as manager and assistant manager of the Benevolent Fund Patio Sale, after 16 incredibly successful years. There was a very special tribute to Diane and Jo Love at the Benevolent Fund Patio Sale volunteer’s appreciation lunch on August 2nd.

Both Diane and Jo Love were given large bouquets of flowers, a $1,000 gift certificate, and most of all, in their honor, the Barn was officially renamed the “Stiles-Beach” Barn.  So to honor these amazing and hardworking ladies, you have to remember to call it by its new name….Stiles-Beach.


The honor and the official Panorama name change was one of the last official Chief Executive Officer actions of Joseph Di Santo.

Thank you Mr. Di Santo and congratulations, Diane and Jo Love. Remember, “Stiles-Beach”.

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