District Meetings

The season of district meetings is upon us here at Panorama. It’s a good time to talk about the Resident Council and how each Panorama resident is involved in the management of this active retirement community.

Our 140 acre campus is divided into 7 districts, based on neighborhood boundaries and apartment buildings. The purpose of this is to organize all 1200+ Panorama residents, easing the process of communication between each resident, members of the Resident Council, and the Panorama Corporation.

District Map

Each district is represented by delegated members of the Resident Council. Some districts have one representative, while others have two or three. This is based on the population size of each particular district. District representatives act as “the voice” of each member of their district. Residents are encouraged to stay in touch with their district reps and to share with them any comments or concerns they feel should be addressed at the monthly resident council meeting.

As a whole, the Resident Council acts as the liaison between Panorama residents and the Panorama Corporation. The leadership roles, such as president, vice president, and district representatives, are resident-elected positions. The president of the Resident Council is deeply involved with the day-to-day proceedings of Panorama and, along with the vice president, meets weekly with the president and CEO of the Panorama Corporation to discuss pressing resident concerns.


So how about the district meetings?

Every six months, a meeting for each district is held in the Panorama Auditorium. The auditorium stage features a diverse panel of corporate administrators, resident council members, and representatives from select resident organizations sponsored by the Resident Council. Each member of the panel gives a brief overview of what’s been happening in their area for the past six months. The floor is open to residents who have comments and questions.

As an example of this process, the meeting for District 4 was held this week. Panel members included the president and CEO of Panorama Corporation, the Vice President and CFO of the corporation, the Medical Director of the Providence Clinic at Panorama, the Director of Health Services for Independent Living, and resident representatives from PCTV (our closed-circuit television station), Benevolent Fund, Recycle Center, and the Resident Council President.

We covered topics from campus security to campus renewal and everything in between.

The president of the corporation focused on the on-campus clinic that has recently been the topic of a structured leading management workshop. A coalition of 38 representatives of Providence, 4 representatives of Panorama Corporation, and 3 Panorama residents have been participating in initiatives aimed at transforming the clinic into a 1st class Geriatric Center of Excellence. We heard more about this from the clinic’s medical director who called it an “integrated, multi-disciplinary approach to coordinating health care.”

The corporate vice president spoke about campus renewal and the idea of constant reinvestment in the community. He covered the renovations that have been happening lately and what’s to come in the near future.

Our Director of Health Services was happy to announce the new SARA pendants have been distributed to all residents on campus and the new system is up and working.

The resident representative from PCTV revealed results from a survey conducted at the last district meeting, in August. The survey was an attempt to assess how well PCTV was meeting the needs of Panorama residents and what it could to to improve. Residents said they wanted to know more about their fellow residents; PCTV responded with the “Meet Your Neighbor” program which interviews new residents. The results also revealed that residents want to know more about what Panorama staff is doing. Thus, “Inside Panorama” was created and has been on-air covering this topic.

The Resident Council President closed the meeting with a few remarks on increasing communication.

“One of the great things about Panorama is we can do as little or as much as we want. Regardless of how active we choose to be, we all want to know what’s going on around us because this is our home.”

To that end, communicative efforts are constantly made through the Panorama newsletter, district meetings, Resident Council meetings, and the Concerns Committee of the Resident Council, which is made up of representatives from resident groups, district representatives, and the Benevolent Fund president.


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