Even in the Biting Chill of Winter, there is Color and Beauty

Yes, even though the weather is cold and wet, Panorama’s beautiful landscaping is still there – and worth a look. Those who brave the elements will find many colorful berries – some showy, others more subtle – and even a few flowers. The bright red fruits of the many Cotoneasters and Hawthorns really stand out, but take a close look at some of the Barberries with their small blue/black berries. Tea Oil and Sasanqua Camellias are in bloom now, with Sweet Box and Viburnum soon to follow.

When the leaves have all fallen, it is a good time to admire a tree’s bark; the thin layers peeling from the white Birches and shiny brown Paper Bark Maples or the mottling on the Stewartias.

And keep an eye on the ground – some of winter’s treasures are tiny.

Red Twig DogwoodBeautyberryParney's Cotoneaster

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